It is thus clear that big heavy snow

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At present he a BE, want from the inborn falsely Dan, the self-discipline arrives inborn solid Dan!
The second be, create export surplus 《tiger form magical power 》 of a set of inside boxing highest point achievement method in house, make body stronger!Just, the difficulty is too big.
Green rain was joyful to once walk courtyard, see pavilions and terraces under of Teng green mountain:"The elder brother is still a little bit trueer not tired ……also not know to be free, go along with small green."The at the thought of various Ge is green, green rain steals to smile, " hums, after waiting more than a months, year fiesta, the dad and Niang came over.When the time comes, with the small green cooking, appearance, the father and mother definitely sees heavily very much.Hey Hey ……elder brother, wait when the time comes, father and mother to say you, see you how."
"There are also more than a months ……H'm, really think father and mother."
The green rain smiling face refrains from rash action, the Yao sees western.
Since the childhood and father and mother together, kindly but the mother of docile, that was moderate but dignity of father, ate the meal that more than 10 years of Niang does ……green rain really really thought father and mother.
"Wait more than a months again."Green rain dark way.
The center of world nine states, Yu state!
Yu state, the north river county county city.
A few days ago north the river county didn't snowing, but today, north river county but is snowing.The snowflake imitates a Buddha goose the Rong float to spread a ground of overlay the whole world and be a morning, when the civilians of the north river county get up to open a window discover that the outside is already the world of snow, the accumulated snow of ground has already had thick three Chinese footses!
It is thus clear that big heavy snow!
The north river county county city, ten thousand mansions, inside a strange den, fully 18 people come together here.
18 people there is old man, there is youth, there is woman ……
On the desk of den, put a piece of paper, up and closely there are many record of writings.
Mainly related iron dress door to reply to put out!Attack in the green lake island returns a dollar religion, but doesn't become, but makes a detour to arrive at proper city to greatly postpone mountain, and stations later on of some messages.
Is silent!
After once seeing a last contents of this paper, silent for a long time.
"It is each."That, " lord in the door they all died.Now, we are the most important, be I iron dress door set up once again.Luckily ……I am various ancient works of iron dress door, at previous all made copy 1 to take to come over.Everyone prepares according to the plan ……"
A religious sect wants to tie groundwork, that is that the demand is very long-term.
For example receive enough good pupil.There is the pupil of good natural intelligence, there is power of understanding, perseverance, then can there is good achievement.The beard knows up and must person's winning an inborn just is strong!Iron dress door, wants an inborn again strong.Uniquely way be ……keep accepting pupil.
The pupil is more many, distribute a big net to get fish, probably, on few decades 100 years, just may appear an inborn.
"Green lake island!"A silver hair the old, double the eye Be full to is a thrombus, gnash teeth in hatred, " I iron one day there will in the dress door, revenge for all pupils of dying!Even if expend 100 years, a hundred years don't become, even if thousand years must also become!"
"To revenge must."
These 18 people is what iron dress door selects the most loyal, also iron door lord in the dress door'the Nie melt'trust most of 18 people.
That flower quilted jacket women eyes in cold star flicker:"According to the plan, from now on, I iron dress door no longer call iron dress door, but call'the blood dress believe in'!I the blood dress believe in and ignore how many years can not forget this big enemy!"
"Spend elder sister Shi.The blood dress in"a Jing thin youth deep and low way, " believes in, choose address, establishment, accept pupil ……step by step.When the blood dress believes in to appear the first inborn and just entitles to become a quite good small religious sect.But appear an inborn ……only development, didn't count a decade impossibly.A hundred years inside can become, Be getting more fairly good."
These 18 people all understand.
Iron dress door is replied to put out, want to stage a comeback, too difficult.Can after all they at, equal to have a material for new fire …… have a hope!

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