River rather county, Teng mansion

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"The one who dare to resist , all, gives no quarter!"The thou a life time friend vision is cold fierce.
Teng cloud is Long Xin Di's one Zhan.
He understood ……the other party is always to really need to take Teng any!If green island iron in the lake the heart want to take Teng always any, what lend not to go?
Do a burst of disturbance of Wu Chang Shang, cut up rough in many clansmen hearts.
"I go with you."Teng any always stands up.
Many people are getting more hasty.
"Any elder brother."The Yuan orchid holds tight his hand, urgently must almost shed tears, Teng any always turns a head to smile and touches touch wife's face:" Orchid, you know of, I have to get!"
The Yuan orchid tears flows bottom.
She understands!The person of green lake island obviously wants to take Teng always any, if today doesn't listen to and estimate to kill many people.
" Any, green Hao, I go with you."One carries on the back strength bow and holds a long gun, the temples gray middle age is come out.
"Dad."The Teng green Hao surprise looking at a bearer.
The bearer is exactly the marksmanship teacher in the clan'Teng always Xiang', Teng the Xiang always have already led 50 years old, because the wife early and early dies of illness, Teng always Xiang to the son'green Hao'BE think greatly of very much, green island the future in the lake isn't kind, he doesn't really trust a son.
Teng always any, Teng Xiang 2 people always mutually see one eye, they two brotherses together few decades, they go together, meeting a problem can't is seized without putting ups a fight, either.
"Green Hao."
Wife and a rightness of young childrens of Teng green Hao all grasp their dad, the Teng green Hao touched touch a rightness of head of childrens:"If the dad isn't at home, listen to Niang, know?"
"Know, dad."A rightness of childrens, that is pure black eyes slipping away Be all full to is tears.
"Last horse."The thou a life time friend knits the brows to drink a way.
Teng always any, Teng always Xiang and Teng green Hao 3 people peep out one silk smiling face to the clansmens and all hold the gun of Bin iron later on.Among them Teng green Hao and Teng Xiang 2 people always carry bow and arrow at the same time, 3 people, then distinguish and green non-commissioned officer carpool in the lake island is one horse.
"Set out!"Thou a life time friend one make next.
Drop to turn Ma Tou, 100 heavy ride if rush a thunder sort to quickly leave, leaves the clansmens in Chuang in the Teng house that worries for the close relatives.

Chapter 08 madness!
The affair that greatly postpones mountain occurrence in the proper city, river rather the Teng green mountain in the county don't understand.
River rather county, Teng mansion.
Under pavilions and terraces, the Teng green mountain of the whole body stone blue full-length gown is calming down in the stone before the table, is putting very thick line to pack this book on the stone table-《You month gun Dian 》 , the book browses the empress half part.
"According to 《 You month gun Dian 》of description.Inborn falsely Dan state, so-called of'extremely'have two parts.But mine'red tiger Pao'this recruits and requests Ke to the inborn true dollar to engrave extreme achievement, obviously, I am in the oneself of'extremely', have been already comprehended."
The Teng green mountain is understand, extremely state, is divided into 2-
One is extremely an oneself, another a, then to space of extremely!
"Describe according to the book, 'absolute being'can leave body, spreads surrounding one Zhang scope and keeps on a tea effort, even if become.Can make space extremely ……is a realization'true I'or'forget me'of most key 1:00."The Teng green mountain lightly shuts eyes and tries to attract by to read to jump to be from body surface and has the control experience for flying knife, the Teng green mountain is very easy even if the idea read to leave a body.
However pass by is idea to read to consign of thing-fly knife!
Now then unreal.
Teng green mountain the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, open eyes, "this'absolute being'do not consign of thing, just spreads surroundings at the body and consume unexpectedly so astonishing."Is just brief in a short while, the Teng green mountain feels head a dizzy.Seem previous incarnation when the cutthroat trains, drive hungry arrive extreme limit generally faint.
"Should not consume so quickly."The Teng mountain once more again tries.
Green lake island and return a dollar to believe in one service, although didn't truely fight,give a Teng green mountain very the earth pressure.
Very obviously-

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