Other 17 people see toward him

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"We can also make reprisals a green lake island again once, and, can't expose us."The Jing thin youth says.
Other 17 people see toward him.
"Younger brother Shi said."Spend a quilted jacket women to say.
"The Yu emperor's treasure hides, have to get nine one of the dingses, so as to go in to explore.Is certain to die otherwise.A group of persons to us in"the Jing loses a youth deep and low way, "s all know!But I the blood dress believe in, is going to scoop out the Yu emperor's treasure to hide.Is afraid after wanting hundreds of years ……so, I see now, outward publicly a news.Say-the green lake island battalion stations in the proper city to greatly postpone mountain, because, the Yu emperor's treasure's hiding is greatly postponing mountain!"
Be dressed in white Qiu Yi's old eyes a bright, connect a way, "that green island battalion in the lake, now is greatly postponing mountain to station.Once the news gets abroad ……affirmation arouse the a lot of and the strong Ji Yu!For example Yu emperor door!The emperor of the Yu is their Zu teachers, will they give up?Yu emperor once the door participate, green island battalion in the lake perhaps also wants to suffer a los!"
"The news gets abroad, estimate, each big religious sect wants to send a person!"
"However each big religious sect not necessarily completely believe to the news.The persons who send are few.But green island battalion in the lake is over there and occupy advantage!For winning the Yu emperor's treasure to hide, certanly will there is one fighting ……treat the green lake island Be horrifying to fight, with helpless those religious sects compromise behind.They will despairing detection ……get into that Yu emperor's treasure to hide a ground of maze, there are no nine one of the dingses, then is certain to die!"
"Not only let this green lake island, hide the death and harm in the treasure temple at the emperor of Yu a lot of people.Still need to let they and other religious sects kill the last heap of person."
"As for other religious sects, they also the eye Chan Yu emperor's treasure hide and died also no wonder that person!"
These 18 people, just encountered oneself's group be miserably put out condition, a thoughted of eight greatest religious sects to kill some superiors more, on the contrary thrilling.For the sake of the revenge ……these 18 people, then beginning silently at everyplace spread news, spread the news that the Yu emperor's treasure hides.
Very obviously ……
A strong storm will soon bring about!
In this chaotic, each person has different chance, each religious sect also has different chance.
Is like Xu Yang Jun's small religious sects, perhaps what reply to put out, the green lake island unified Xu Yang Jun at present, all small religious sects all without exception doom.
The nobody notices them!
But the iron dress door reply to put out, but draw world the person's attention.Because, iron dress door have to be much stronger than Xu Yang Jun's small religious sect!Compare, iron existence in the dress door lead for thousand years, want compare Xu Yang Jun's small religious sect good lucks of many.
From recognize destiny bad of, also is worse!
From recognize destiny okay, also is better!
The small religious sect of Xu Yang Jun envies iron dress door and return a dollar religion.
Iron dress door returns a dollar religion, envies a strong green lake island and hope that oneself can catch up a green lake island and become the Yang state first.
But green lake island, hope one day, ability the shoulder to shoulder Mo Ni temple!Even if fail to catch the temple of Mo Ni, also want to catch up Yu emperor's door, Ying surname household first!
But mankind.
Little island lord in the green lake island'thou a life time friend', Be from well, since the childhood crest wear the aureole of genius.But be Teng green mountain rising, he mental state beginning unbalance.
Teng green mountain, his real strenght has been very strong, 17 years old, is good enough to and inborn solid Dan strong one war.Can he can't satisfy, he will continue to pursue a highest point.
Teng always any, a common man.When the some time is light, hope to have an excellent son, doing not beg cans catch up a Teng green tiger and also has to be not very bad little.But the God gave his a son, the son's performance far super his expectation!His son, even in make Chuang in the Teng house strong to arrive Ma Ze's gangs to all dare not offend.
If have no a Teng green mountain, a few Ma Ze's gangs contend for power, Chuang in the Teng house even if have never replied to put out, also want one big cluster of clansmen of dying.

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