The enemy of Hong four Yes, Hong earthquake hero closes his fart matter

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"Ground corpse 10000!"Those horse thief's the head of groupses all roar.
Three take charge of face up contain murderous look, but the heart bottom is secretly pleased:"Ha ha, old sky of at help me!Is this Hong earthquake hero's a reckless boy, also want to be to greatly take charge of?Yesterday this Hong earthquake the hero once escaped a to rob and had never thought today die!Ha ha, from now on, I was a white Ma Bang to greatly take charge of!Revenge?That concealed weapon superior can kill off the whole white Ma Ying and revenge, be not from seek a bitterness to eat?"
Shout to revenge on the mouth, can three take charge of heart bottom but didn't think so.
The enemy of Hong four Yes, Hong earthquake hero closes his fart matter?
Adjust and work hard in spite of criticism most at lowest Ma Bang of white, see stupidly three take charge of, actually but is an extremely mean malicious person.Just Hong four Yes are always on the hoof, he doesn't dare to have what Be, Hong four Yes died yesterday, even if the Hong shake a hero today deathless, this three take charge of hereafter will also seek an opportunity, put to death a Hong earthquake hero.
"The from now on, the proper city, is my world!"

Chapter 57 turbulence
On the second day, the sun Gao Zhao, Chuang in the Teng house does Wu Chang Shang very noisy.
"Hurry, hurry!"The horse trails of trucks, fully 3, continue into Chuang in the Teng house, is all various iron piece etc. material on this trucks.
Chuang in the Teng house creates 200 materials needed by heavy AN and finally carried to come.
"Green mountain, ha ha, you this business in Chuang in the Teng house isn't small, these etc. material, the foot contains more than 10,000 catties, I deliver cargo but make to exactly three vans."That robe that the big fatty talking is dressed in a big yellow, the Tian wears big belly to smile to come over here loudly receive.
"Li Er Shu, we do business, also small business, don't compare to with your trading company."The Teng green mountain also says with a smile.
This Lee two take a smoke pole of jade vulture, took out two people, say with smile:"H'm, green mountain, I seek your grandfather, they went to, your favour."This Lee two also know, Teng green mountain's position in Chuang in the Teng house, once heard as well the Teng green mountain real strenght is strong, so just specially come over to say "hello".
"Green mountain, the material arrived, can start creating in clan heavy A."Flank of Teng the green tiger is some concussion.
"H'm, there are 200 heavy A, I Chuang in the Teng house does the man of strength inside, each can arrive ascend several tens robber, if usage of good, the function is larger!"Teng green mountain very clear, the clansmen does a strength inside, but oneself body not the knife gun don't go into, if only be dressed in cloth dress and Ma Ze to fight.
Even if do a strength inside, one person also at most kills several people, the meeting be offended by other robbers to kill.
Can once there being heavy A don't fear to the knife sword of ordinary people, that the ability is inside real exertion vigorously the superior's attack dint.
Is very quick, the person of that trading company took gold and silver to leave Chuang in the Teng house.
Wait until in noon a cent, some favour agricultureses live in the farm land of the women came back.Have women on entering Chuang son to shout, many persons of other love jollifications all face up and listen to what interesting news.Surroundings farm land and other Chuang son connect with each other, so general news most quick of, is these women.
"The white horse helps littlely to take charge of and also have that white Ma Ying all be killed light."Those the women a the Ji Ji Zha Zha the ground speak of.
"What?"Original despise in listen to these words, some men inside the clans of the practice tiger boxing or marksmanship also all connected to run to come over.
"Is true, that is little to take charge of and white Ma Ying all death ray, a don't stay, is the concealed weapon superior whom iron mountain helps to kill."
"You are how can anyone know of?Must this news be true?"
"Yesterday white the horse helped to us this, not is recruited a person to enter white Ma Ying?Yesterday!At that time big Li Zhuang someone was recruited into.This words is a that man of big Li Zhuang to say!Did the concealed weapon superior whom that iron mountain helps have enemy to revenge, isn't over either to kill innocence, don't kill their 12 people."
Immediately, more clansmens flow out to pass by.
"Green mountain, that is little to take charge of and white Ma Ying be all killed light, walk, we listen to."The Teng green tiger is also unbearable surprised, ran to pass by.
The Teng green mountain smiles to looking at this act.

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