A clansmen feels deeply about over there

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"Dead of good!"
"That concealed weapon superior is really severe, the concealed weapons can not see, that white Ma Ying Ma's thief's head was shot to wear."
A clansmen feels deeply about over there.
Is easy in the Teng green mountain heart, smile to turn round:"Go home to have lunch!"
White Ma Ying and that is little the mountain taking charge of, being iron help the concealed weapon the superior kill, this is already a plank in the proper city up nail, the business of nobody doubt.
Connect white Ma Bang, all outward hang to appreciate to say, who can hold tight this concealed weapon superior, appreciate silver 100002!White Ma Bang this hangs to appreciate, is also sit solid that iron mountain's helping the concealed weapon the superior is a murderer.
Time passes and turn eye greater half Be getting paster for year.
Cold winter, the heavy snow falls thick and fasts.
Inside the Teng hall house of green tiger house, Teng green mountain and Teng the green tiger brothers is 2 people, opposite but sit, drink wine.
"Ze Ze Ze ……green mountain, how do I all have never thought!That king iron mountain, so a severe superior, unexpectedly plant at white Ma Bang's that Liu's three Ye hands up!"The Teng green tiger feels deeply about, " passes by this Liu's three Yes and came to my Chuang in the Teng house to once accept many next year money, I didn't see, and he was so severe[one] person!"
"The dog that bites a person doesn't call!Real Yin malicious person, the outward appearance cans not tell."The Teng green mountain drank one mouthful wine and also said.
White Ma Bang at present and greatly takes charge of, is past three take charge of, Xing Liu!
As for autonym is what, also have no several individuals to know.Because pass by is three take charge of, so the external worlds all call up a 'Liu San Ye'.For this Liu's three Yes, greater half in the last years, white Ma Bang not only the position didn't lower, on the contrary firmer, white Ma Bang once more again declares 8,000 sonses.
And someone says, white Ma Bang real person's horse, already over 10,000, certainly, white Ma Bang claim to be 8,000 sonses.
"This Liu's three Yes will use scheming most !How many before the months, that is baldheaded to don't also help once very insolent?But turn a head, that bare-headed helps greatly to take charge of, die on woman's belly."The Teng green tiger continuously says, " but that water helps, proper city many people are optimistic about him and baldheaded help to cooperate, destroy white does the horse help?Which think this water to help an end to unexpectedly change sides in war, swear allegiance white the horse helped, connect that king iron mountain, all therefore, be lived by ten thousand arrowses to shoot dead!"
The Teng green mountain listenned to just smile.
"I have been thinking that does the horse that this king iron mountain will be malicious to make reprisals white help, which miss a small life of oneself over."The Teng green tiger doesn't already shake head exclamation.
The Teng green mountain says with smile:"Cousin, in fact that Liu's three Yes, takes a little amount person, Ma Lai, Chuang in the Teng house, dismiss my Chuang in the Teng house hereafter all year money, return is as very intimate as I, I know this proper city end, still his!"The Teng green mountain also has some to admire this Liu's three Yes.
Because Liu San Ye understand human nature weakness very much.
This greater half in the last years, prosperous baldheaded help, Liu Shui help, that is all from the inner part offended to break, have no 1 is expend the horse of a great deal of person to put out something to kill.
"Hum, calculate that Liu's three Yes to know mutually, otherwise, he takes a person Chuang in the Teng house is to me, he come how much, we kill him how much!"Teng green tiger but self-confidence a smile.
"You say this, I pour is think of that to declare proper city the first superior's guy."The Teng green mountain also smiled.
In fact the greater half year of this turbulence, proper city robber's influence is after three stages.
First stage, the group of heroes starts to combine, at Hong four Yes are clay-cold, declare proper city first superior of'Li Yan Shan', build up of'postpone mountain to help'then quickly rising, become at that time the only one can with white Ma Bang resist of gang, many people are all optimistic about this to postpone mountain to help.

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