Arriving of her felling, probably she will soon suffer danger

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She but know of, leaf autumn nearby combining not only only has a younger sister women.The younger sister wants to outshine others in these women, always so silly silly wait for being not a way either.The elder sister who is used as the son in winter, her hasing a responsibility for her and considering with decoration is some affairs.
Elder sister, you came again."The winter son Jiao Chen writes to say."You make a phone call be want to say this with me?"
"Also not BE.I am mainly the circumstance that asks you.Who will realize his affair."
"I am very good.Elder sister need not worry."Rise to say with a smile winter night.
"Today that woman of Hui is a son what is the row?Does someone humiliate how you all don't tell me?"Take some meanings for blaming and scolding in the voice of Ran stars for two winters, the son turned head to see the eye sit at after death of broker, the other party smiles with embarrassed look.Occurrence affair like this she wants to make collective report to the company naturally.The Dan is again a company winter night the inside particularly takes care of of entertainer, the manager of company doesn't dare as well to handle without authorization.Make collective report toward the big owner Ran stars this circumstance again.
This is also the reason that she make a phone call to come over inquiry so quickly two"have no a matter.Is that I humiliate other people."The winter son ashamedly says.The principle meaning soil speaks that really is oneself is humiliating a person.After all, Zhang La pulled to get his/her own one box on the ear, she wants to counter-attack of time, again drive own bodyguard to beat to return to.
Even have a bodyguard returned Chuai she of the calf is basically one feet, don't make her being the dish vegetables this star.Can't, all of these people is west household in the door in come out.Peacetime protection of is all Gu very wealthy person of some companies.
The task that they get is a good unconditional protection Ran the safety winter night.This is also the reason that they presume to make moves.
Really wanted what matter son.The west household in the door will come out to wipe a bottom for them.
"I have already conducted electricity words for department concerned dozen.She later need not came to China company to play."The Ran stars leaves no room for doubt ground to say.
"Elder sister.Thus meeting can't a, a"I have already beaten to come to grips to shout.The affair settled so.The China is an enough little, film star.
But, I forbid anyone to humiliate my younger sister Mo.Still include your that leaf for autumn.If he dares to humiliate you, I didn't finish with him as well."
"Good.Elder sister.It has been a day since you up made.Hurriedly rest.You should also give me seek a brother-in-law two provinces you have no an affair to do all day long."
"Must my business round wear you to take care of there?Good.Hang."
Smile to lay up a telephone, Dan winter night the in the mind is happiness of the Ai Ai.The officials whom the parents are all rows to allow, or, they is all very to have achievement in the officialdom.Govern one square, power in the hand is huge.But, on the family, but very few concern Dan winter night the life of the sister.
But the elder sister, this big oneself 6-year-old elder sister, is a Ran since the childhood winter night, arrived greatly depend on.
Compare with mother, she is like also her own mother.
"Ms. Ran, sorry.The occurrence matter like this, I have to make collective report to the company.If the other party makes what means, we can also work well to take precautions against in advance."The broker smiles to apologize winter night toward the Ran.
"It doesn't matter.This is your to up make."The Ran smiles winter night, didn't talk.
Arriving of her felling, probably she will soon suffer danger.
But, she didn't worry this kind of to tell an elder sister.Why the need for let to care own misgiving with fearless person?
"I can face by myself."The Ran held to clench fist a head winter night and said to oneself.
"Driver.We didn't return to company.Go to deep water gulf the third."Ran winter night suddenly a period of 10 days say.
Listen to elder sister say that the leaf came back for autumn, her heart could not pipe down.Always think.Time sees him just good.
"Okay.Ms. Dan."The driver politely promises.

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