Yes.Somebody else would like to

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A part supports sad desire of her cellophane noodles unique, mow a vein suicide.Because they can't accept their they to stare at it for the idol that livings to match will speak this private have no nourishment of words.
Still have one most fanatical member but is to denounce openly, they don't believe that their own idol will say this kind of words.
And, even if say how again?Is what we liked her work, say to what rubbish have with her what relation?
Say again, I like to listen to her saying this kind of words.How?
If be not personally see, you can't understand, originally is seen as mankind's intelligence quotient of Gao Deng's living creature can be low to arrive thus.Doing not develop a complete gorilla with brain is just about.
Together is the insider's Ran to know the beginning and end of this affair naturally winter night, so, when Zhang La pulls to talk with her on one's own initiative, her attitude is some to elaborate.
At show business turn the woman who mix, isn't that the person of the single-minded kind of person?
Zhang La pulls to see a Dan winter night to her not friendly, there are even also some irksome emotion.Feel own sense of pride being subjected to injury of the mightiness.
She is also no longer polite with Ran winter night, cold say with a smile:"Is this the nation of rite that your China the people glorifies?Young lady Ran Dong Ye, you are too disrespectful."
"My courtesy aim at is some to have cultivated manners of person.Those persons who have no character, I have no, the necessity talks with them what rite."The Dan nature can't concede in this aspect winter night.
She get into a showbiz turn, originally is amateur property.She own not concerned fame meeting how, or will encounter force-out what.
"I where express have no cultivated manners?But you, is used as the idol that the China the people selects, pour is make people greatly disappointed."Zhang La pulls euphonic sharp ground of say."If they know that you are a person like this, will definitely disappoint very much."
"Disappointment of can't be my cellophane noodles.After you said those rude words, just truely let that this person's disappointment that supports you."The Ran finally no longer stays a hand winter night and chases hers, China turn Qian Men, the affairs give Tong come out.
The facial expression that Zhang La pulls a burst of pure a burst of white, that of interview she is also an excitement under blurt out.Is general to come to speak, the entertainer will not make this kind of low class false.
Even if they dislike that a nation dislikes of want to die, but is having already been begged to those ten, nation of market, still want to superficially set up for very favorite.
"That how again?I speak amiss what?The person of your nation likes me, my coming to turn money is as it should be."Zhang La pulls to counter-attack ground to say.
"Do not you know thanksgiving?Is our citizen is giving you the living expenses."
"Feel grateful?Why do I want thanksgiving?They would like to, is that they are voluntary.They want to see my movie and buy my disc.Do I want to obstruct not to become?Qi and then have what relation with you?
Yes.Somebody else would like to.
This time it's Ran's turn winter night rendered speechless.
Would being your citizen likes to do so by himself[herself] and has what relation with her?
They would like to be so mean they, you how again?
See Ran sink winter night not language, the difficult color is embarrassed.Zhang Zhao pulls be like ten, the general of victory, cold say with a smile:"Japan the person killed you so many people, but Japan car and electric appliances in China is sell best.Did they feel grateful to you?If there is opportunity, they still meeting to invade yours.China.One had no devotional of the country Be not worth our feeling grateful."
Hence, that clear and crisp sound then and behind the scenes rings out.Enduring the big wave can endure of the Ran stired up Zhang La to pull one box on the ear winter night.
The that generation of her grandpa is tried very hard to guard with blood and sweat and bayonet of thing, she disallows an outsider to humiliate so.
Zhang La after pulling Leng for a while then strongly blunt wanted to tore to pull Ran the hair winter night in the past.

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