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The autumn pretends quilt his voice the wave attackstone of appearance.Put together to make an effort to assault to pass by to the anti- thunder Ao.Step but vain stumble.
The thunder Ao look in the eyes is crazily pleased.This loafer flows|, the dog Niang keeps finally and dies on own hand.
It Be getting nearer.
It Be getting nearer more.3.2.
Just still was fond of a fan.Look while running road soon fall asleep of the leaf suddenly opened eyes.Even.He still towarded thunder Ao to smile to smile.The thunder Ao fiercely works properly.Leaf autumn of abnormal make him feeling dangerous.
But.Already too late
The body of leaf autumn suddenly flies to rush toward but rises.Is heavy of ran over to the thunder Ao.The remarkable talent is strong.But the theory rises red hand Bo Dou to connect to that leaf the autumn lifts shoes to all go together with of the thunder Ao has nothing to do to respond to come over.
The body of leaf autumn rushed toward into|
The body of the Ao inside.Behind quickly retreat again.
The thunder Ao Wu wears a full face of son unimaginablely and looking at leaf for autumn.Immediately after one is huge to ring.The body of thunder Ao then falls apart of dispersed open.
The blood splashes.Be like the heavy cabin in the spacious luxury rain in red.
On many people's clothes and face up fall full blood.Or thunder Ao some parts of the body last other.The lookinging at of their gape leaf is for autumn.Don't know this man exactly what means.One shot how under can give° the person to beat to explode?
The autumn of the leaf blew to blow the silvery small gun in the hand.1| idea looking at public.
This is the son mother Duo soul gun of|gun.The autumn of the leaf the pillow underneath touched come from Lin Bao Er just before walking.
He especially the idea pack ascend that kind of the dint is strong.Once the bullet that shoot into a human body and then can explode.Just closed to thunder Ao at him of|.The belly that suddenly towards thunder Ao opens fire.
Unexpectedly still really become famous overnight.After the body of thunder Ao explodes.The autumn of the leaf indeed as expected became the focus in the berth again.
In addition to Switzerland old soldier's VS male and small white VS these two combats of Fan sky got into white to turn.Both parties can't come to a stop.Other persons all can not control feelings of stop.Touch|up or the blood on the body.The facial expression used those colourful Jing all sorts of strange thingses looking at a leaf for autumn
Leaf autumn the very big wrist flicked to wave hand.Be like American president Panama visit the action that the China waved hand toward the people and the medium while getting down from the special airplane.Shout a way to the house:"Nothing.Everyone continues."
Everyone is a good comrade.Very the match make.
When the leaf autumn requests them to continue.They indeed as expected start continuing.
Numerous hands held weapon to rush toward to come over to the leaf autumn.The autumn of the leaf turns round to run over there for the dynasty second floors.
Nine greatest remarkable talent organization of person all in the top.These people should not dare to lightly raise to waste?
The nine greatest remarkable talents organization didn't participate in the nether combat.After the situation of berth is free from a control.They have already left party the spot.Also have no|return to cabin room quiet need an interest.But is all arrived at 2 F deck.
See the bottom layer finding out the person of the news back.The Feng king makes a noise to ask a way:"The circumstance of underneath how?"
"Leader.The combat of underneath is very vigorous."The dwarf complexion dignifiedly says.
"What about the autumn of the leaf?"Feng Wang Wen Dao.
"He also therein.Leader.Do we want to make moves?"The king who is small short to know Feng is as quite good as relation of leaf autumn.And he is also quite good to the felling in leaf autumn.So.He heart the inside is to hope earnestly Feng king can make moves to help a leaf for autumn.
Say again.The person of meeting martial arts sees what other people beat getting into a hot dispute.From but can not begin.This the felling is positive such as the alcoholic see one altar good wine oneself but can't taste similar suffered.
The Feng king's eyebrows is tightly wrinkled up.Stand on the deck to loudly say:"It is each.I think that we should discuss for a while.The circumstance of underneath has already been free from a control.Should we cooperate arrestment?See with the situation in nowadays.Also only our cooperating just can obstruct the nether confused conflict."

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