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Because the malicious hot means of leaf autumn directly opens fire to give° the thunder Ao to beat to explode, this undertaking causes unanimously sending punitive expedition of many boundary personageses.Now, the leaf autumn is like a gun to rush through a ground of rabbit fore the noodles runs about wildly and behind follow more than ten intention to murder prosperous desires place of hopeless situation and then quick guy.
Originally want to rush the second floors go and live with nine greatest remarkable talents organization, but see while running to the stairs and Fan the small white of vigorous positive Han in the sky, the leaf autumn changed this idea again.Do these people all run to lay siege to small white how to do if oneself ran?
Is helpless, leaf autumn can beat while running, a person takes more than ten individuals to round circle in the hall.Beat into one regiment in hall now, these days of boundary personages even even have no he or she persons way to peg out Chu.Who don't know as well which persons is be bought by the male, which is the old Switzerland soldier's advocator.
End, public fight of according to a thing only have male and Switzerland old soldier.
Those persons who attackstone male, the inevitable meeting is the old Switzerland soldier's persons.Hence, guard the person who is bought by the male in the part and then intercept.And those schemes attackstone the Switzerland old soldier's person, must be the person of male.The nature will have Switzerland old soldier's advocator up.
In, those boundary remarkable talent in skieses that just joined to fight a not pure enemy of regiment then thoughted of the discriminators methods of the most skillful.
If is the person of male, they then will far and far throw a concealed weapon, gold coin, shoes and false teeth or other what things toward the Switzerland's old soldier.
If is help a Switzerland old soldier, vomit a saliva toward the male, from the ground seek a piece of thunder Ao of break a hand or other of what liver Fu of the thing of type throw to pass by.Certainly, someone throws concealed weapon or shoes, false teeth and gold coin what.
Touch what throw what, how disgusted how come.
If the leaf autumn wish, oneself also luckily advances to give° this to spark, otherwise wait until them to prepare and plan perfect again have plan ground the massacre, that circumstance just be really mess matchless.
Oneself embraces hopeful nine greatest remarkable talents organization until didn't also appear publicly now, afraid is here noodles also someone was bought by them?
Small white last time and Fan the sky once exchanged blows and recruited speed memory to his deep.The Fan yesterday the sky and silver eye fight of time, the small white again grasped to reside to match a way'a shot necessarily kill'of recruits a way.
Recruits to would be to kill to recruit, pulling out the knife kills to recruit.Pull out the posture of the knife and the posture of the attack to merge into an integral whole, the Jie is wily, make people impossible to effectively guard against.
So, there is last time of to war experience, this time and Fan the sky fight, small white chose an active attack.
It is cruelty.
It is cruelty.Have to don't return.
In the beginning, the small white was used fierce the method standing in no fear of a dead dozen occupies active power.Is unique in hand of that triangle gold steel fork drive he to make ground such as the shadow in one yellow of silver gold.It is all every to attackstone to appear without basis, and then disappear without basis.
Because the speed is too quick, intensive of the fork copy repeatedly.The remnants that flicked fork last time's copying hasn't disappeared, next fork again the time flick.Is successively forced the Fan that the ground withdraws in defeat basically can not distinguish for sky by the small white till the last which way is an entity which way is falsely copy.
"Damn."The sky of the Fan is warding off and in mind and ruthlessly scolding a way.
The organization sends him to come to carry out this task and goes aboard to come to make a contact, and lend support to with male him to complete for cleaning the boundary organization in sky.

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