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Endure Shu to is divided into Yin to endure to endure Yin to endure with sun"emphasize that the concealed body goes into an enemy inner part to carry on detecting or sabotage."The sun endures" emphasizes to before the public win victory under the usage clever strategy.
The strict meaning comes up to speak that the male is approached to sun more to endure.At the beginning he allows the captain that the east pacifies country a soul.Would be a very outstanding leader.Also because of he and ascend a-term leader wisdom and ability over the person.Make to pacify country ex- the soul, this world placings 30 remarkable talents organize a to jump to become ten greatest remarkable talents in the world to organize of a.Certainly.Is current of this kind of
Parties more and more mold.
Endure Shu to is divided into the gold wood water fire five lines of escape Shu.The male just disappeared at first.In a twinkling run to Switzerland old soldier artistic skill segment.It is 5 lines to escape a medium gold to escape.
This is 1 kind to make a noise sound and light with bright metal 1, cheat the means that the enemy escapes.Lending support to the tool be he can used to weapon of ten sword in the word hands.
Glide type"BE lend dint make an effort of strange learn.Male one Zhang claps past.Switzerland old soldier's body has no strength to borrow.
The male seems deeply have a research to the Switzerland's old soldier.This Zhang claps out the most ingenuous.Basically can't arouse one moving of silk current of air.Appear obscure movement without basis.
Fiercely exhale a Switzerland's old soldier of one breath to fly at
The medium body again pulls out Gao Yi Zhang.The male first Zhang ends up in nothing body to disappear what action.Gao Gao Yue then also since.In the hand of ten sword in the word hands raise toward the Switzerland old soldier's bottom|noodles Tong past.
The Tong chrysanthemum of the standard posture.
The Switzerland old soldier is in a row killed by the male to recruit to force an in the mind to cut up rough matchless.Shout at top of voice.The body suddenly adjusted a .The transformation became the posture on the next head feet.Two soldiers in the hand stab an after to the top of head of the male sting past.
The knife sword collides with each other.Send out the sound of sting.Then the Switzerland's old soldier clip the sword in the male hand with two soldier stings.Rapid of get down slippery go to.
The body of male is also crashing down.Two people-like in shape if the gum being intimate matches together.Together drop to the cabin plank.
In feeling old soldier's body of Switzerland willing arrive of noodles male fiercely lifting knee to mercilessly bump at the Switzerland old soldier's belly
The Chi is.
The belly turns over the ache that the river pours sea.The body is devoted major efforts by one to push out backward.The Switzerland old soldier's double feet rubbed to heavily bump for a while on the cabin plank at cabin knothole wall up.
Take advantage o his disease.Want his life.
Don't give the opportunity that the Switzerland's old soldier starts.Again kneadses to"face" a word.Body a jump.Then arrived his in front.Ten sword in the word hands again being fierce to a matchless sting old soldiers is toward Switzerland.
Injury like this not the ability bring material injury to the Switzerland old soldier's fighting strength.See male again inherit.The soldier in the hand stabs fierce of dynasty of ascend a put.Then the body then and again start to fly.Ask for help of that of lend dint.Switzerland soldier's"glide type" uses smoothly.Body again such as the willow catkins is general.Float of once flew the top of head of male.To berth of left the Cape carrying a side fly over there.
He needs to be some time Xu dint.Can not always be so pressed by the other party to beat.Otherwise.This the final outcome fighting's woulding be have already lifted to target.
The autumn of the leaf is first a burst of to yell.Those persons who support an old soldier move of rush at male and time of Fan sky .Oneself but in the center backed out from the crowd.His purpose already arrives.Have no necessity from run to try very hard to with others.
But.Some people but would not like to let a leaf for autumn such as.
They are the boundary remarkable talent in skies that is bought by the male.Originally is an autumn is unable to co-exist with leaf.After going aboard.Frequently show off to the leaf autumn is also unpleasant to look at.The opportunity came now.They active to leaf autumn
Come.One is deathless not-of power.Run the thunder Ao that is the fart that that quilt plays a dozen to roll to wet to flow in the most anterior.
He opens widely mouth.Read a phrase.Because the person is too noisy.The autumn of the leaf basically cans not hear clearly him some in the Rang Rang what.But leaf autumn but feel head some indispositions.It is murky.Be like last time drive snake Wang Yong requiem attack empress similar.

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