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"H'm.Didn't you go out in the evening?"Chen Mo Nong starts to pull Lin Bao Er and taps a body for her, the top may exist of dust, ask a way.
"Have no.Go out to do what?The autumn of the leaf isn't done know to run as well where go to.He not at, the some meaning also has no.If he at of words, betwixt does he to target, we how beat don't relate to."Spread all over sorrow hatred on the small face of Lin Bao Er.
"Mo thick elder sister, where was the leaf autumn gone to?"Also the Tang Guo title looking at Chen Mo Nong to ask a way.Shallow language in the western door connecting a part also all in earnest looking at her.
Chen Mo Nong's lookinging at the face of in front three expectation inside is also 100 feeling social intercourses.Although west shallow language in the door conceals ground more deep, her feelings to the leaf autumn again how can deceive ground over own eyes?
"You don't want to worry.The autumn of the leaf goes out to handle some affairs, very quick come back."Chen Mo Nong smiled to smile and looking at in front ground three girl's sons to said.
Chen Mo Nong Yong permits stylish, smile of the appearance have some flavors of mothercraft worlds.
For taking the weapon of returning oneself already suppress ground for a long time.If isn't leaf the autumn obstruct, afraid is small on that evening the white will touch Fan for sky of the room give° him solution to drop.
Got allusion of leaf autumn to also hesitate again now?
Keeps a the remaining triangle gold steel fork, Fu body to station the Fan in the berth doorway the sky hurtled to pass by.
See berth an inside have already become for a pot of gruel autumn and still felt necessary again indiscriminately dynasty in sprinkle a pail of oil.Pull to break throat, be like will drive lotus elder sister OJ generally shout a way:"Boundary in the sky performance kill people."
"Boundary performance in the sky want to kill people to kill."
"Everyone solidifies and unanimously resists violence."
The shout of leaf autumn is very effective, those are original some sympathetic toward Switzerland old soldier to male dissatisfiedly boundary remarkable talent in the sky the finally unbearable exasperation make moves.They ground target nature be a the speech is unsuited to and then makes moves toward the Switzerland's old soldier of male.
This is also an unique day boundary performance drive the scene that the boundary personage rounds to beat in the sky, this time the influence of the affairs, also indirectly caused the sky boundary organization of existing several years reply to put out.
And be bought by the male, original entertain rebellious scheme to the this day boundary general assembly of remarkable talent, presented own weapon also when the male and Fan sky is laid siege to and respectively.
Both parties inevitably fight together and kill an earthquake for sky.
The condition suddenly loses control.The male is worried first.Then very quick heart in dark pleased.
"Not is need a boundary remarkable talent in sky that borrows to clean disobedience oneself?This was the best opportunity."
"However.Want to give° at present this guy first to do."The male looking at full of bellicosity of rush to an old soldier of Switzerland to oneself.It is dark to in mind think a way.
The Switzerland old soldier's real strenght isn't weak.Otherwise also having no opportunity can become this day field performance of one of the candidate.And.His "glide type" actually has unusual place.Is the willow catkins that drifts with the breeze.Then will follow the direction of the other party attack but change while putting forth effort.
In the male suddenly Shan his after death.A Zhang's clapping vest dirty position is toward his empress.The Switzerland's old soldier wants to return a body to be already too late.
The Zhang that the male claps out is soft.Don't carry secretly one silk furious wind.Even if with Switzerland old soldier this kind of extremely the superior's sharp.Don't also feel that the current of air of back has|what change.
But.Proceed from F to dangerous of feeling sense.The old soldier of Switzerland is very affirmative of know that suddenly the male Shan arrived his after death.

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