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The military instructor also has no carefree, he doesn't know as well again from where took out a silver whitely metal is small bottle of.The Ning first poured a drop of medicine water toward the wound of finger blind side after opening.Then at painfully the forehead keep emitting cold sweat, get hurt of keep to cringe, unexpectedly make that metal pouring into the mouth the liquid being small bottle of is whole in.
This time, the body of military instructor starts having reaction.
In the moonlight and the yard light of dual shine in glory under, brightness in the yard is like mirror.Military instructor that**ground the body start reddenning, the skin of white man originally is very white, suddenly redden, will make people feel very obviously and also very terrible.
And, this kind of is red is a some point son to spread ground, is face and neck first, immediately after is a chest, immediately after------Immediately after could not see.Because the military instructor wore pants.
This kind of is red is a pole abnormality, being like a human body the abnormal state while experiencing heat is red.
And military instructor also the noodles expose a painful color, being like the leading role in the novel about swordsmen will soon break through a Du two the ground sprint a stage before the veins.The facial expression Zheng on his face Ning terror, the muscle on the body is also keeping wriggling.That is the originally white muscle regiment is like an after becoming red be peeled of little rat.
All climb a full red little rat all over, and still and just and continuously struggle the appearance of peristalsis, let the leaf have kind to vomit a ground of felling for autumn.
The gene medicine that bears with so big pain and sufferings to still need to use, think to that the medicine dint is uncommon.
The leaf autumn nerve tightly collapses and wait for military instructor ground attack.He would not° until sound out first this kind of of function is behind do with accuracy should to the method.
After a minute, fade away on abnormality tide red beginning of military instructor body.Is also one inch inch the ground disappear, this time but from bottom very up.
Neck and face on the contrary finally just resume in go order.
Be like**later on pleasurable sort, the military instructor comfortablely groaned 1.Then towarded a leaf to smile to smile for autumn, is naked in eye flicker.On the body long war of tired a sweep but light, imitate the Buddha each one skin each time a piece of muscles was all full of strength general.
And, continued to once bear the strength that returned to him of another self-confident heart of the military instructor of two stroke.Seem took this kind of, again the strong opponent can also conquer similar.
"Start."The military instructor says and brandished the boxing of beginning the inside to stab to hurtle to come over to the leaf autumn.
Certainly, the boxing in nowadays' stabbing is no longer a common boxing to stab, that as long as ten sharp sting of several Li rices is like ten razor blades general, can give° the person to pierce at any time.
One is long, one is strong.The military instructor rushed toward in front of leaf autumn, a knife stabbed toward the chest in leaf autumn, another a knife stabs toward his belly, cent top and bottom two parts attackstone.The leaf's autumn hand inside only has a ), whether he wills have an another a to end up in nothing to choose to ward off that attack or not.The part of ending up in nothing is also a military instructor to choose onrushing part.
Ye Qiu chose to retreat, the Deng Deng Deng ground connected to back quite a few to tread, but military instructor's brandishing the boxing sting of two hands has been tailgating.Once took the military instructor of medicine empress regardless is a speed or a strength, all ratio just more of terror.
The strength like this increases to rise a method to let leaf a bit scared for autumn, the foolish meeting son beats him and drinks a bottle of what trick.That oneself tonight not drive he to play dead?
The autumn of the leaf is some to think of Luo to show, oneself draws together this woman to come over to make a gene medicine for violet squad research, don't know to have a result as well.The gene medicine wants to start to grasp from the doll, the leaf autumn feels, this trick is in the modern war, also really have already had don't suffer from.
At least, at urgent almost use 1 bottle, probably can protect one life.To know want to develop an excellent warrior need to pay a much price.Losing is a , without 1.Want to again develop, again many years.

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