hand also wanted to doom

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Is too short, afraid is oneself haven't jumped to go, meeting drive to pierce of.
He is to see on of military instructor hand wear a rightness of boxings stings, so just dare to take a risk so a fight.
And, he believes)of sharp.
The autumn of the leaf roared and shouted so to fly to come over, the body form turned an eye namely to.
The military instructor has already backed a turf-grass edge, now is to back to have no can back.If he retreats a ground of words again, necessarily will withdraw turf-grass, walk to the edge of is spread by the goose egg stone of in the footpath.
If the footpath is more slightly short than turf-grass, so, his body will have a process that is brief to crash down.Will provide an attack ground opportunity for autumn for leaf so.
The superior comes to grips, not only is only the factor of body minuteness.There is still the weather, geography environment ground factor also needing to be noticed.
Wanted to think, military instructor double boxing together.He prepares to use fist up the boxing wearing's stabbing to block a leaf autumn ground is this knife.
This is after the deliberation ground of military instructor.Leaf autumn of)although is sharp, the abnormality is weak.Look is like a very thin penknife slice.But own boxing sting is create after Jing steel, the strong and tough degree still wants a firmness than some metal alloys some.
Is much less, his boxing sting the inside still hide Xuan machine.
The person of two each bosom of evil plots, the weapon in the their hand finally gets in touch with for the very first time.
Clear and crisp metal collision the voice ring out, think to block in the military instructor under of time, the terrible affair took place.
Along with the body of the leaf autumn the time in rapid whereabouts, his hands again put effort.Being used as the Wan of attackstoning the weapon can slice the stone of gold crack, it is like one to slice paper machine general, quickly the facing boxing sting keeps on slicing.
Military instructor scared Dan Zhan, immediately started a boxing sting of use intention to murder behind.
Touch after 1 press button, that boxing sting top the Tu of not enough one Li rice sting suddenly'Ca'the ground Be a to push forward forward, rose ten a while several Li rice long, with a steel rake about.
The autumn of the leaf is also to frightened, he have never thought military instructor of the boxing sting up unexpectedly still stay thus skill.Hand inside of)nature not ability again downward mow go to, own hand like that will be also stabbed by his boxing to sting penetrate.
The body,such as squab, returns a nest sort, in the sky strong line of of turned round a direction, then felled toward left side to pass by.
Although the boxing sting of military instructor is the thickest, drive leaf autumn of)cut open a son.And, that son is the deepest.Even give° the steel quality of that a cake of to slice deeply.The hand meat that goes directly to military instructor sews.If isn't that he responds enough of quick, words release the point sting that the boxing stab in time, one of his right hand will probably drive leaf autumn give from in the center cut in half.
One of his hand all drive blood to dye red, obviously, that wound doesn't calculate too small.
And leaf the autumn is in this shot this under also is harmed, original put forth effort not deep right hand again drive a sting point of sharp sting to sting in.Although don't pierce, also the Chuo is a small hole.If isn't that he adjusted to retreat a direction in time, and gave up aggression, his right hand also wanted to doom.
Mama expect son, this foreign devil unexpectedly at and iron cow exchange blows of time recruited after staying.If he at with iron cow to boxing of time, suddenly release a point sting to go, be the hands of that iron cow not are discarding?
Thinking of this kind of may, the leaf autumn in the mind felt some to rejoice again.
After 2 people separate, each other see but smile towards seeing one eye, not from getting mutually.
This smiles and pour is have already grown clever people like clever people flavor.
The autumn of the leaf is to own)have full confidence.He knows that is own)can split into pieces the boxing sting of military instructor.

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