combat of inequality

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The persons all cherish the dead, think necessarily the other party can't would like to try very hard to with oneself.
But, the reaction of military instructor lets the leaf for autumn of the heart fiercely tighten.He unexpectedly would not likes to avoid, either and still keep to keep stabbing a leaf the posture of top and bottom two road attacks of chest and belly is for autumn.
Does he want to perish together?
He thinks that oneself doesn't think.
Left hand of leaf autumn fiercely boxing, three the heavy strengths didn't the slightest and with reserve bomb to go out.
Military instructor this just the noodles expose surprised fear to of facial expression, don't treat three heavy strength son go into body, oneself poured to fly to go out.
A flog heavily to kill a cow.Two heavy break~into pieces mountain.Three weigh four heavy absolute beings difficult hide.
Although the military instructor has no way to take part in a China country
Soldier big match, also not easy make a leaf of the autumn competes of data.But leaf the autumn matched to once use three heavy strength sons as well, this recruit at relevant leaf autumn of file up have been already jotted down.And, let the reason that the military instructor fears BE, there is the simple description of three heavy strength sons on the data, top have a words to is such.
Three heavy strength the attack ability of the son is a five planets, the dangerous degree is also a five planets.To know some fiercely kill to recruit also just the evaluation of 4-4 star halfs.Can get a five-star evaluation of only a few, three heavy strength the son is an one of them.
Feel that Hun thick sturdily attack after, the military instructor chose to avoid very tactfully.
See the opponent retreat, the leaf autumn is to inwardly breath a sigh of relief.Two hurt the combat of fearing to the wound, he would not like to want.
Just in front this opponent was really too strong, than it the fifth troops be greedy for wolf to still want strong ascend a lot.And took two bottles of genes medicine in a row again, his body inside the abundant strength make the leaf cope with to extremely take a lot of doing for autumn.
Really nothing doing words, the strength that can use a ring.
The autumn of the leaf wishes.
This time, the leaf autumn has never given the other party opportunity, active started an attack.
The right hand keeps Wan and dead straight stab toward the military instructor boxing up of point the sting rowed pass by.He wants to stab an of those points all of root to pare to break.
The military instructor is one fighting is experienced of cutthroat, he is in this combat a ground of some recruits type used, completely can edit a deluxe Bo shot teaching material at the leaf autumn in the mind.Even if is leaf the autumn also feel that being subjected to a benefit is not- shallow.
He understands a leaf to do so a ground of scheme for autumn naturally.The fist is continuously to evade confrontation with, would not like to with ground in the leaf's autumn hand Wan contact.
So give leaf the autumn attackstone of opportunity, left hand ground three heavy strengths immediately toward the air attack that he moves out of the way bomb pass by.
The military instructor isn't willing to be hard to answer, can choose a time of stay back.
The right hand keeps Wan to offend first, three heavy vigorously bring up the rear, the leaf autumn finally found out the method of inhibitting the military instructor.Although his speed soon, and physical strength than just started fighting of still have to be a little bit abundant.But, he doesn't dare the autumn Be hard to carry on the shoulder with leaf, also can fall in one passive suffer beating of.
The boxing sting of military instructor right boxing again drive leaf autumn of)to after paring and breaking a sharp sting, finally become light bald subway boxing set.
The military instructor shouts at top of voice and also no longer avoided and used ten heavy energies to throw a fist the autumn is toward the leaf is failed pass by.
The autumn of the leaf also no longer evades confrontation with, three heavy strength the son quickly make moves.
2 people's fist contact unexpectedly rang out the voice that the object bursts.
Three heavy dark strength son deeply body but, the arm of military instructor has already grown the felling that the moment paralyzes.And leaf the autumn can't multiply by to win an attack as well, because one of his body all drive military instructor to beat to fly to go out.
The energy of this guy, really huge.The physical strength of leaf autumn just weakens along with the attack of high intensity, his but because of took a gene medicine but change ground is more and more full.
This is a combat of inequality.

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