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A person at attack ground time, it is weakest to take precautions against.
Refract a step to turn to the military instructor on the side with the triangle ground leaf the autumn again keep the Wan rows to go to the shoulder of military instructor, the military instructor body character is really astonishing can also do a rapid reaction too much, unexpectedly in this time.
The eye sees the attack end up in nothing, the unwilling leaf autumn made up deficiencies again one feet.This feet score goal the on the side hip of military instructor.
The military instructor asks for help of ex- rush toward of posture, draw back oneself and distance of leaf autumn, just stopped down in five meters place of yard.If he can not let leaf for autumn of attackstone connect to become power, so, own circumstances will very far from good, will sink into passive.
The autumn of the leaf didn't also make track for shot, because he just and flurried use come of triangle refract a step although the attack that averted from military instructor also disrupted own attack rhythm.If a knife of the follow-up one feet are also unwillingly send out, again constrained writhe, afraid he will directly of a bottom fall to sit on the ground.
Although his body character is super strong,the person's body has its own regulation.If do one too many disobey physical conditional action, especially before or after two continuous actions is still a contrary conflict of, that appears a problem very easily.
But triangle refract action what oneself is three continuous violation physical regulations, again launching of flurried attack.This time then make track for shot, will give the opponent manufacturing the opportunity.
Military instructor drive leaf autumn Chuai one feet, pour is don't feel to have what ache.But, on the face but is irritable embarrassed.
He has been thinking to seek a leaf the list picks for autumn and give°s this strong opponent to polish off.Oneself unexpectedly but fell into a leeway.While being like a proud genius student to say to ownly sit at the same table all day long to is a discard, but waiting until examination result down the be been called a discard by oneself of sit at the same table but got hold of a higher score is similar and embarrassing to people by oneself.
"The autumn of the leaf, you are a strong opponent.Strongly came from my unexpected happening.Just are you how to have ever hidden mine?"The military instructor looking at a leaf to ask a way for autumn, is like a primary school of condescension to living.He clearly feels that he touched clothes of leaf autumn, why but the one punch end up in nothing.On the contrary let the his opportunity to get turn over to kick his own one feet?
"I have no reason to act to analyze toward own opponent?"The autumn of the leaf roars with laughter ground to say.Just he thinks from the military instructor in dig the affair of of some relevant gene medicines, drive military instructor to refuse.His nature can't waste argument of triangle refract principle to speak to let military instructor listen to.
Say again, speaking to him and listenning to him also not necessarily so can learn.In those early years old headman for making oneself practice this to recruit, threw a football to let oneself had no sunset for night of kick.While having a little bit to become start kicking circle billowingly big rock.
Didn't experience that to variously whet to do, how again may with literally and then do and then extremely learn?
Military instructor helpless wry smile, say:"The autumn of the leaf, I wanted to be earnest.Ask also develop come from personal all real strenght."
"Just you once said so as well to iron cow."The leaf autumn Song shrugs shoulders Bang to say.
"Iron cow?His name calls iron cow.Being quite good is respectfully that one is worth opponent.Or, in some aspects, worther than you respect."The military instructor saw an eye lying the iron cow that goes to bed on the turf-grass to say.
Ye Qiu knows that what he says is iron cow not darned hard working spirit, also know he at blame from already sneak attack ground dirty pool.
The another cause idea sets up for meaning of understanding the other party not, ask a way:"Still want a dozen?"
"Certainly.I just want that the affair being understand just making just, since you would not like to answer, that let's continue."The military instructor says.
If the leaf autumn has already quelled the blood of against the current inside the body, hear he say continue, once the body flee and have already acrossed two meters how far.Then double the feet put effort, once the body jump, hands Gao Ju begins an inside of), then occupied vantage pointed ground to split to pass by toward the military instructor.
The Wan is a crescent moon shape, so, sometimes he can also consider as a chopping down of short handle knife to use.

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