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"cheap jerseys cheap hockey jerseysWinter of 1984, the town of Brookfield, Wisconsin, Eric - Sally Thomas and his wife welcomed a son, and they named Joseph for children, plus my grandfather's surname Hayden, Joseph - Hayden - Thomas He became the child's full name, of course, parents from childhood called him Joe.

Thomas grew very thin, but very Jingzhuang, he played right tackle in Brookfield High School, defensive end, tight end, fullback, even punt hand, is a track and field shot put players.

After the end of the high Fourth, he was named a four-star high school student outside world, countless olive branch extended in no doubt that, Thomas chose the University of Wisconsin hometown.

Freshman Thomas served as pavement cover only basic type tight end, until sophomore, Thomas weight gain to about 300 pounds and was finally marked the left tackle position fascinated, and then progress to the speed of light, even if the big three quarters of the year suffered anterior cruciate ligament tear crack serious injuries, it has been thought to fifteen overall pick before the draft.

Thomas was willing to challenge senior season, many young people will be able to challenge the professional arena after the junior obviously, once to stay in the university arena, it must be an adult bully students performance.

Thomas eventually help the University of Wisconsin made 12 wins and 1 loss, the nation's seventh grades, not only won himself the nation's best offensive Front Line Award, also named the nation's best for a while.

Thomas cover outstanding road ability is widely recognized, behind four years of college running back who for a wave of another wave, but everyone seems to brush out the great report card.

Thomas mature enough, already ready for a career in the professional league.

Joint spring 2007 rookie training camp, Thomas not only the impressive body measurements, in a subsequent joint trial in which he is inclined to retreat behind the common basic skills such as tackles, game habits, sense of competition, the same year beyond the other offensive tackles more than one grade, so Thomas became one of the most popular draft pick.

At that time the Cleveland Browns in urgent need of attackers help them improve the bottom third of the league in offense, be the first two picks of the 2007 NBA Draft, the Raiders selected to go the amazing talent of quarterback Marcus Jemma - Russell, male Lions are picked to go wide receiver Calvin - Johnson the future is called Megatron man.

Brown some reluctantly chose Joe - Thomas, although they know that the two meters tall and 141 kilograms of youth is indeed a good player.

In addition, the Browns selected in the first round is still worth the late fall of Brady - Quinn, this combination appears to be Brown's future.

2007 season, Romeo - Neil Craig Brown actually led unprecedented scored 10 wins and 6 negative results, although Brady - Quinn is not mature enough, but the second-year quarterback Derek - Anderson suddenly However awakening, Hart used in Earl Brown - Perkins system, he completed an extremely efficient passing performance, which a great tribute to the offensive front, Anderson suffered a whole season only 14 sacks, Thomas personally not only marked the start from the first week of starting left tackle, under the protection of his passing did not release any sack, Browns almost point to reach the playoffs.

It does not matter, the future of many opportunities that Thomas was secretly thinking.

After the end of the season, because the Bill tackles Jason - Peters back injury, Thomas catch the last train to the Pro Bowl and All-Star rookie season.

In second place in the voting Offensive Rookie, but lost to Adrian - Peterson.

2008 season offensive relapse Brown, Derek - Anderson no longer magic, Quinn grow slowly.

The end of the quarter ending six games, Brown section 24 consecutive games without any offensive touchdowns group.

Even Thomas also released six sacks, and even Mario - beat Williams, but fortunately, excellent protection is widely recognized, and even the cover of the road is also in progress.

Thomas feared and hated replacement coach.

2008 postseason, Craig Neil had to leave, his successor Eric - Mancini and Craig Nell is also under the tutelage of Bill - Pasaiersi and Bill - Bailey Cech, even offensive system are exactly the same, 2009 first-round selected center at the University of California, Alex - Mike Thomas make a good helper around more, but the 2009 season the Browns still mud on the wall does not help, forced onto the starting Quinn, a result lose lose, Brown did not add up to two seasons of 10 wins.

Thomas released only three times all season sack, only 15 times put pressure on his first pass protection rate among the top three league, the Pro Bowl is not run, but also beat - Jack Lang was first elected to the season for a while.

Thomas has infinitely close to perfect, but he still was still thinking about progress: I weigh too much, I want to insist on eating foods low-carbon compounds.

2010 season, Brown has undergone many new, such as Peyton - Hillis turned out, played star running performance.

Such as abandoned Quinn, let 35-year-old quarterback Jake - Del Holm starter, followed by rookie quarterback Colt - McCoy played a few good shots to lock the starter.

But some things remain unchanged, Brown has made only five wins, Thomas is still played in all offensive, Pro Bowl season and while full glory.cheap hockey jerseys

Brown 2011 season once again coaching change, in order to strengthen the attack, Pat - Shu Moer become a coach, offensive coordinator and cancel their own call tactics, put on a West Coast offense may be more suitable for McCoy to play.

8400 just continued on about seven Marriott Thomas steady as a rock, just release the whole season sack 3 and 21 times the pressure, but Peyton - Hillis and McCaw Iraq suddenly lost its magic, despite the offensive front played well again, you can not play people look forward to the performance.

2012 Browns owner Haslam family angry red crown, fired general manager Tom - Hector, hired Ray - Farmer, Farmer is the first battle in the NBA draft, the third overall pick to select special Lent - Richardson, the end of the first round selected 29-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon - Vuitton, second-round pick right tackle Michel - Schwarz, then a supplementary draft off Josh - Gordon, frenzied attack supplement group.

This season the offensive front line almost everyone played a leading performance, center and right tackle Mike Schwartz are Pro Bowl level, allowing the ball to protect Brown, the team's success came third in the league.

The pass protection Thomas 618 files released only three sacks, three times and hit the ball 10 times in a hurry, put pressure on the lowest career 16 times, although each success rates are alarmingly high, but this is his first to be cut Feng pass protection league.

Powerful running back Trent - Richardson fairly in line with the expected growth rate, but Brandon - Vuitton happens is that as scouts is so expected, inaccurate passing rate is relatively slow, squandered countless possessions front-line creation, this draft fails, let Pat - Shu Moer after two seasons, again after class.

Browns hardship during the dark still goes on, but it seems that Thomas after entering the league has maintained a peak of six consecutive seasons was selected to the Pro Bowl, you know, NFL long history, only 15 players in front of his career six all selected to the Pro bowl last season, plus three-time season for a while, and even some experts have said that Thomas had booked a future Hall of Fame seats, which can be for Thomas himself, it seems that is not important.

Brown hopes this season may lead the playoffs.

2013 season, Thomas rhetoric in training camp became empty talk, 2 sacks much, but some pressure 37 times garish, but the reality again and again to offer Sap Thomas, Indianapolis Colts proposed first-round pick chips, Brown hesitation, coach Rob - Charles Coryell Rybczynski's long pass system is not in fact need a strong running back, so eventually the Trent - Richardson gave small horse.

After losing the core of the reconstruction, Brown quarterback Committee again used the Great Vuitton, Brian - Heuer and Jason - Campbell trio, results can be imagined, check Rybczynski season was almost angry Brown executives fired, this is the seven-year career, Thomas witnessed the fourth coach fired.

After the 2013 season, Thomas has made a career pass protection for 13 quarterback.

Said left tackle like forever affectionate man, unseen in quarterback Place to protect each other silently, Thomas always wanted to be able to make their own efforts behind the quarterback to lead the team moving forward, but Thomas is experienced again and again disappointed.

Into the 2014 season, the team for a new coach Mike - Pei Ding, new offensive coordinator Kyle - Shanahan, the first round of the election of the new quarterback and Heisman Award winner Johnny - Man Zeer.

If someone else face of this scene, will be excited, but Thomas was very calm.

At this point, he quietly entered the age of 30, it seems that years of sharpening so that he lost his spirit, impatience is not nothing but a mountain of perseverance.

Every autumn began, every other weekend with Superman punch pass around a 135 kg wrestling, let Thomas badly bruised, when the 2014 season to start the season Thomas to show his shoulder hurt, and it seems each joint is not so comfortable.

You often even see the rest of the field under Thomas sat, tied huge ice pack on his knee.

Brown 2014 season sixth week 31 than 10 beat the Steelers in the game, the last of garbage time, coach Pei Ding hopes to avoid injury off the bench tackles Curtis - who replaced Thomas Pan Teer, when poor Pan Teer Thomas walked around, Thomas concise answer: TMD go away you go! Thomas whole season has just released 17 times the pressure, there is no doubt that the 2014 winter was selected to the Pro Bowl eight times, becoming the first in league history before his career eight seasons each season was selected to the Pro Bowl offensive front line players.

Shanahan help small Heuer opened the Renduermai, led by Brown once played 7-4, but a wave of five straight season, so Brown's fixed in the 2014 season 7-9, the Steelers, Ravens still do not down, the Tigers also quietly rising in recent years, the Browns played Thomas wins second career experience 7 high, but still the bottom of the North American League.

Even loyal soul, scattershot light of day is a failure to destroy countless times, I believe it is difficult to maintain firmness.

Former teammate Scott Thomas - Fujita said: Joe his body, spirit and everything to the Browns.

If Joe heard about the trade rumors, then it must be lying, can sometimes I would even hope that those rumors come true.

2015 season, Joe - Thomas's name associated with the Denver Broncos together, the Broncos need a super left tackle to protect Peyton - Manning.

Brown's asking price may be a first-round pick, Thomas deserves personal values ​​first-round pick, but easy to make a first-round pick, trading a star over thirty years old, it is not for any general manager a decision easily able to do it, not to mention the other side is the old fox - John Elway.

Thomas's agent, Peter - Michael Schiffer said: This protracted negotiations, eventually had ended in abortion.

2015 season cloth Lang made only 3 wins, Brown, senior terror is not no patience to coach the third year of opportunity in a hurry fired, Man Zeer proved unable to adapt to the professional league.

The most terrible thing is that everyone has been accustomed to defeat, and figured out early, if given the opportunity, we must leave this cursed city.

2016 spring offseason, Thomas was very sad, not only because almost all the main have abandoned Brown gone, his good comrades and good friends have also left, star center Alex - Mike go to Atlanta, and right tackle Michel - Schwartz went to the Kansas City chiefs and the Falcons are the favorite team of playoff contention.

32-year-old Thomas still can still insist, even obsession: I am a Cleveland man, I devoted all my efforts here.

This is part of a blue-collar city, blue-collar like me it is easy to fall in love with the city.

For me, I do not think the next Super Bowl championship rings should be traded to a dream team.

This is not very satisfied, but there is no sense of accomplishment.

The first week of the season game against the Hawks, Eagles resorted to when the weak side of the raid, even a god of Thomas blocked two people, say four hands, fists face, Thomas has done! New coach Hugh Jackson - could not save such a person considered to be almost the University of Alabama Crimson Tide almost the strength of professional teams.

Get a win penultimate week, making Brown the second branch to avoid becoming history's first defeat of the season the whole team.

Thomas also was losing it? Release 34 times the pressure on him, passing success rate of protection in all ranked 17th, the lowest ranking career tackles in.

But his career tenth season, was selected to the Pro Bowl tenth, go down.

He's like an old tree like getting older, getting hair and beard had commoner, he is like a training camp instructor, every year ushered in a new batch after batch of young, and then a few years, and watched them away go with.

This year rookie tight end David - ndjo library when entering training camp, even the Thomas mistaken assistant, Thomas was a joke to right: ah .



I sometimes teach, but sometimes I will race, you will see me.

The world seems to think he can not continue to maintain the peak, the face of challenge, before the 2017 season, Thomas faced two opponents and old rookie TJ- Watts star Terrell - Suggs, the two should not be overlooked opponents, just let watt scored once hurried pass, Suggs is 1 hit and 1 hurried pass it.

Joe - Thomas to prove, though no more honor to support their own team, but he is definitely the most powerful men in the history of pass protection.

This week against the Ravens, when about 10 minutes left in the first section, Brown completed a pavement stall progress, seemingly waves, but silently, like Thomas left tackle position, his career almost did not touch the ball a few times, but his career never miss a stall offense, which is its 10,000th career stalls attack.

Unprecedented, and there can be no arrivals.

Joe - Thomas has not played in every possible attack profile career? Probably! But if for some factors that broke the record, who would therefore question his great it? In the end it will never abandon its bring a Super Bowl or even a playoff isolated city, or to join a winning outfit? I think the same is not important, loyalty test standards are not only single-mindedness, but whether you heart is really in love with that team, that city.

Peyton - Manning Broncos as a player back to the beginning of Indianapolis, eyes tears kept spinning; Brett - Favre wearing a purple jersey after the return to Green Bay, came even after celebrating touchdowns action can not bear to show it.

No matter how many replacement Browns quarterback, Joe - Thomas will always be loyal to the quarterback's blind side unseen silently guarded.

Similarly, regardless Joe - where Thomas in the end, he will always love belongs to his city of Cleveland.

NFL columnist: Fang Ling - After Favre wearing a purple jersey back to Green Bay, came even celebrations can not bear to show it after touchdowns.

No matter how many replacement Browns quarterback, Joe - Thomas will always be loyal to the quarterback's blind side unseen silently guarded.

Similarly, regardless Joe - where Thomas in the end, he will always love belongs to his city of Cleveland.

NFL columnist: Fang Ling - After Favre wearing a purple jersey back to Green Bay, came even celebrations can not bear to show it after touchdowns.

No matter how many replacement Browns quarterback, Joe - Thomas will always be loyal to the quarterback's blind side unseen silently guarded.

Similarly, regardless Joe - where Thomas in the end, he will always love belongs to his city of Cleveland.

NFL columnist: Fang Ling cheap jerseys"

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