2016 NFL player story: Dakota - Prescott's theory of evolution

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"cheap jerseys cheap hockey jerseys2017 free-agent market has officially opened, the past few days also broke a lot of big news, including Brandon - Marshall went to the Giants, the Patriots surprisingly generous, Al Shen - Jeffrey, your visit to the Eagles, and so on.

Of course, there are some big fish on the free agent market not being at home, this list includes Adrian - Peterson, Jamal - Charles proven so famous.

In Dallas, the Cowboys also lost some of last season in the team for the exploits of war, of course, they will have a corresponding complementary players to join the team.

The deal between the NFL players come and go, the American team have such a player in the center of the whirlpool and feel completely free market storm, he has just been voted the fans become the 2016 Pepsi Rookie of the Year; offseason in addition to training, travel and advertising it is hard to see him and TMZ gossip of an affair, he is the Dallas Cowboys last season's rookie quarterback Dakota - Prescott.

Four show quarterback? Yes, very good.

Prescott year, only 23 years old, in 2016 NFL draft him until the fourth round of the 135 was only the Dallas Cowboys pick off.

In last year's NBA Draft, there is no doubt the spotlight focused on Jared - Gough, Carson - Wentz, Izawa Kiel - Elliot and Joey - Bosa their body.

The media have hailed as the apple of Elliot, he would be the strongest in recent years, a rookie running back, and even more than the previous year's Todd - was even more severe Geer Li; Jared - will be Gough Rams star signs in Los Angeles; Wentz Philadelphia Eagles in the end it is worthwhile to spend a high price with second sign off? No one cares Prescott, Which media will have time to focus on a four quarterbacks show it? Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round picked a quarterback? Yes, very good, Romo had a good choice off the bench.

They have Elliott, the new season of jeans worth the wait.

The new season denim really worth the wait, but to the story beyond many people's expectations.

Fairy tale staged in August in preseason, Tony - Romo's injury make everyone feel Cowboys this season is the Ship Even Sank die first.

But, the bench came a No.

4 player, he was the backup quarterback Romo Dakota - Prescott.

His eyes filled with determination, but also revealed a hint of tension, perhaps that time he was just thinking we must seize this opportunity to prove their strength Romo sooner or later will be back in the team before the coaching staff, but I want to hurry to prove that I can based on the job in the NFL! But on the field, everything is different.

Prescott preseason impressive.

He quickly through two preseason outstanding performance for all to remember His name.

On Twitter he immediately became a hot topic, and everyone is curious how this number dropped to 4 to make the fourth round of a Dallas picked up so much cheaper.

Nosy immediately and Cowboys fans debate on reddit up, look at it! Saida flew to the conventional true form! Cinderella at midnight but did not change back to original form, Prescott and Elliot together in the regular season let cowboy completely reborn.

He also gradually firmly secured the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback position, even in the eighth week Tony - Romo announced the imminent return of court time, Romo most loyal fans, team owner Jerry - Jones at the last minute also I made up my mind, so that the feather boy from Mississippi State continue to play starting.

With the deepening of the season, Prescott and Elliot continue to break all kinds of records rookie team and the NFL; in Pro Bowl voting, Prescott was ranked second, first his teammate Elliott, and behind him is great - Tom Brady.

In his rookie season as a quarterback Prescott led the Cowboys got 13 victories, passing yardage 3,667 yards, completed 23 touchdowns, six rushing touchdowns, passing success rate It reached 67.

8%, 104 quarterback rating.

9! As a rookie quarterback and as a starter, rookie Prescott only threw four interceptions, he can be seen in calm court.

As a comparison, another performance last season, the best rookie quarterback Carson - Wentz threw 14 interceptions.

Dak Prescott evolution of the performance is perfect right? of course not.

Even if he is really no drawback, as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, he never will be in among the controversy, not to mention the advantages and disadvantages of Prescott is still very significant.cheap hockey jerseys

Many people believe the regular season of Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys can be fast, to the playoffs to face league veterans who not so children the same thing.

that's the truth.

As the No.

1 seed to advance the National League playoffs, the wild card truce one week to face Aaron - Rogers and his Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Prescott elite - in front of Rogers Although brisk performance, but still slightly immature.

Cowboy was 3-21 behind the Packers, and ultimately unable to comeback, 34-31, Packers advance to the National League final against Falcons, Prescott data is very good, but Rogers gave the rookie with a vivid realism, education classes in the playoffs, the data may not child help you win.

Prescott as a rookie quarterback, he passes a lot of time to select the game remains problematic.

Cowboys in the season to face the New York Giants all lost twice, was a bit flustered when Prescott face the Giants pass rush their hands outside shocks.

Prescott rookie season game passing success rate of only 2 games not more than 50%, of which there is a game against the Giants, the other a face Philadelphia Eagles.

But in this game and the Eagles Prescott but can be called the most memorable rookie season game, he dominated the game in overtime, scored 5 5 pass 51 yards, including the last pass to tight end Jason - Witten lore touchdowns.

The game at the beginning, but the Cowboys 13-23 completely backward.

Prescott Perhaps there are still many problems in the game.

He needs to take better account of the new season how to find balance and focus passing in his catcher; he needs to find a way to Hernandez - Kobe Bryant had the ball more opportunities, rather than cowboy the number one spot as the star catcher attract more defensive; he needs more to improve their technique in the pocket by passing under the oppression, the pace and passing ability to choose, which would make him get reborn in the future, even to the elite four opportunity guard ranks; cowboy gorgeous offensive line can not always be so gorgeous, Prescott make their own need to keep the ball under increasing pressure psychological preparation although he never afraid of pressure and challenges, In the NFL, without fear and ready for children still are two different things.

Although there is this or that problem, but the problem with these advances in Prescott career, all he will be a stepping stone to success.

Whether he is not the one to lead the Dallas Cowboys to return to the peak of the pacemaker, for now at least we can be sure that, with the increasing evolution of Prescott in the technical and psychological maturity, DakZeke will be the next few years Dallas Cowboys important theme.

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