Crowd dissipation, each one is everywhere

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Only the Teng green mountain exposes of real strenght, even if Yan iron felt headache.
"See to I small Qu world superior!H'm, the superior is numerous here, and the etc. see ……treat here matter, I return to You state and seek teacher!Make a living away from home for eight years, it's time to also return to!"The dark way in the heart of Yan iron.
The Teng green mountain is in the open spaces place, stand see a nobody challenge very in a short while, this just walk Mosslem people in.
Up to thousand martials originally and around watched see no one challenge again, an also spread out.That'thunder absolute being knife'Wu more looking at the figure that the Teng green mountain leaves, flash across in eye one silk cold light:"The very fierce marksmanship peeps one spot but knows whole body, this Teng green mountain absolutely don't take out the strongest marksmanship ……he really has the real strenght to kill a Meng farmland!This time Duo'the black fire work properly a fruit', he is a sturdy opponent.However ……my knife method whets to do so for several years, I don't believe him a 17 years old the small guy can block live!"Wu is more very self-confident.
Crowd dissipation, each one is everywhere.
However everyone still 3322 discuss to before and twice have a competition, a doesn't already marvel.
Return a dollar religion to station ground.
"Green tiger brothers, the Tengs all display generally of those two recruit, is you long have a competition in 100 men in, display of those two recruit?"Some black A soldier non-commissioned officers rounded to come over.
"H'm."Teng green tiger eyes put light, " this'take Li in the fire'and'fire up sprinkle oil', is a green mountain to teach more simple to me two recruit, have never thought ……these two recruit, at green mountain his hand in so severe.If I these two recruit, can catch up a green mountain half, 100 men are long to have a competition, I ability the Duo first!"
"You blow."
Surroundings person laughter one.
"However, is same to recruit, I why the power is so many weak?"The Teng green tiger whispers a way, this night, the Teng green tiger practice marksmanship did greater half for night, and the Teng green mountain before displayed marksmanship and gave his touch very big.
Night, the one is silent.
The Teng green mountain sits on the miscellaneous grass, a big tree depend on back, this is at flame mountain side up, downwards see and then can see return the tent that a dollar religion ties.
"Sprinkle to take Li in the oil, fire these on the fire two recruit ……the artistic conception are clearly contrary, can also blend.This 《very hot fire five typeses 》s ……"the Teng green mountain shut eyes and try to imitate fusion in the brain and want to think, the Teng green mountain stands up and started practicing, constantly change.
Teng green mountain, want 《very hot fire five typeses 》 , draw lessons from the artistic conception of cannon boxing, blend to recruit for integral whole, changing into a.
This recruits, will be five lines of fourths of marksmanships to recruit.
Cannon boxing turns to succeed for marksmanship, Teng green mountain cutting and polishing for several years, canning always canning not.
《Very hot fire five typeses 》s are a chance.
In 《very hot fire five typeses 》s, the most difficult fusion of is artistic conception clearly contrary of'fire up sprinkle oil'take Li with'in the fire', these two recruit can blend, the Teng green mountain blends these five recruit, progress immediately quick get up, Teng green mountain this night, completely sink to immerse in the marksmanship, the slightest don't feel that time passes.
Wait until the second day morning.
The Teng green mountain the slightest doesn't feel trap, some interrogative in his heart:"I these five lines of marksmanship the fourths recruit, exactly choose which direction?"In the process of blending marksmanship in, affirmation wants to abandon to be some useless of, fusion essence, express fire attribute marksmanship artistic conception completely.
Which is an essence?
"If with'the war signal cause conflagration, sputtering bonfire display'for the corpus blend and combine a cannon boxing, should be that the cluster offend a to recruit, but if with'the fire exert a salary to spread'BE corpus, that can combine'tiger cannon boxing'of artistic conception, create a recruit list the body attackstone the strongest marksmanship!"The Teng green mountain is very clear.
These are two roads, one is that the cluster offend, one is a list body attack.
Tiger cannon the boxing is a previous incarnation the strongest boxing method by himself/herself, and'fire exert the salary spread'the artistic conception contain the possibility of fusion.
The Teng green mountain has already prepared feeling-

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