To various Ge dollar Hong, this old still a heart bosom fears to an idea

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To various Ge dollar Hong, this old still a heart bosom fears to an idea.
"Even if could not check, he once coming, the black fire works properly a fruit I difficult Duo!H'm, the important event is important, treat my Duo the black fire work properly a fruit and put out this Teng green mountain again!Hum, ruin corpse again to put out a vestige, various Ge dollar Hong affirmation could not check!Various Ge dollar Hong various Ge dollar Hong, who allow you to help a Wei the sorcery precipice of, this time no wonder that I!"
The silver delivers the old heart the bottom certainly accounted, then smiling view war.
At the moment, surroundings war whoop one!
Everyone in admiration of Teng green mountain, just the Teng green mountain beats really beautifully, one pole the long gun display, good an obediently visit a dragon, but uncanny fast disease, but wildly fierce.Move for this pole dance of long gun, simply that heavy door in the sword door lord'takes charge of Ma Feng'beat of fall on the ground not to rise.
"Wang Lao Ge, you are old is also become famous for few decades, why not challenge some kind of?Win, you were getting worlder famous."A Jing in that silver hair ash tunic old body side the thin man say with smile.
"Yes, Wang Lao Ge, you is somehow also our Fan Wu Cheng to have few superiors."Flank also someone run on a bank way.
This silver hair old shakes head to say with smile:"I am that real strenght, aren't you clear?Heel somebody else 《ground placard 》 Class does the superior compare?Is disliking a life long?"The surroundings is a few martial also smiled, everyone was to open this'Wang Yun'of fun, Wang Yun is Xu Yang Jun, Fan Wu Cheng,'s Wu Zhe with quite good real strenght.
Also attain on the whole peak the day after tomorrow.
The silver delivers ash tunic the old be smilingly laughed at, remain an appearance, just the moment in the eyes brush past of one silk cold light, exposed his heart in of ruthlessly oppressive.
Up to thousand martial s, among them, many people loudly yell.
"Teng green mountain indeed as expected severe, so simple defeated to take charge of Ma Feng!"
"Teng green mountain, not Kui is 《 ground placard 》superior."
Much Wu Zhe with general real strenght, before making the Teng must be the most severe, they derision Teng green mountain, now strongly the Kua is great, in fact lately 《ground placard 》 hasn't come out, can not make sure at all, all things of the universe door whether really Teng green mountain, be included in lately 《ground placard 》 .
Many martials so, seeing the breeze is rain, they are worlds only and perhaps isn't disorderly.
"Lord in the door!""Lord in the door!"
Many people round that department Ma Feng, take charge of Ma Feng is crossing legs on the ground, pass to control a condition of the injury inside the strength, lead in a short while just open eyes, difficultly hand in the disciple under, stand, the Yao sees a Teng green mountain, although the heart is unwilling, can he is still a clear voice way:"The Tengs are all all, not the Kui can defeat a Meng farmland 《 ground placard 》superior, this marksmanship has already attained to turn a strength, I take charge of Ma Feng is from Kui not equal to!Cough ……"
Loudly talk, and then arouse inside the Fu condition of the injury, take charge of Ma Feng not from a cough, cough to bleed.
This act makes many martial s dark surprised.
Teng green mountain previous that gun, unexpectedly let to take charge of Ma Feng to harm to this situation.
"Thanking Tengs is all all, show leniency."Take charge of a Ma Feng Yi's arch hand, immediately hand in the disciple Chan under leave.
Show leniency?
Really, the Teng green mountain showed leniency, the heavy sword is shaken to fly in that department Ma Feng Shou, under the sistuation that can not impede, with'fire up sprinkle oil'this recruits to hit on the Human body, even if is tens of thousands catties of energies, all can department Ma Feng to batter to death.Teng green mountain at end time, accept a gun type.
Just earthquake break the other party 12 breastbones, the earthquake harms inside Fu.
Although need to be rested and recuperated in about a year, can somehow protect a life.
"Defeat a Teng green mountain, possible row 《 ground placard 》 ."
"Yan iron, you can defeat Ping Wu Xie, probably can also defeat a Teng green mountain."Also someone loudly shouts, in the eyebrows of Yan iron in the crowd a wrinkly, the vision sweeps in the past, but the surrounding person was too many, specially some shape high big of, was completely baffling the view, he basically could not found who is shouting.
"Hum."Yan iron is cold to hum a , but don't go up.

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