Matter to a graveness

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The autumn of the leaf didn't refuse and had no the alienation book in the handle knob taking precautions against to pass to Xie Dong Xian stretch out of hand.
Thanked eastern wise to sweep one eye, even didn't see the contents of clear typeface, then knew that the affair has already had no convertibility.He recognizes ground to come out, this is younger brother rises in the east of form of written.Beautifully belonging to a book all alone is also very the one and only, take great reputation in the calligraphy field of Kuala Lumpur.Other people's mimicry doesn't come.
Chen Wan Hua, gratitude, Xie Xin and Chen Ke Qiangs also stretched head to see in the past, the gratitude more saw facial expression more is a dark.See till the last, finally can not away with, a rob to come over, make that alienation book toring into the fragment to, then madly fill in mouth the ground Mo dynasty.
The one box on the ear of Xie Dong Xian beats in the face soil of gratitude, gratitude Leng in a short while, then weep aloud.The Wu wears a face to say to Chen Wan Hua:"Mama.This is all false.This is all false.Right?"
Chen Wan Hua and Xie Xins also follow to wipe off tears and cry into one regiment in Xie Jia hall.
Although the alienation book is torn to pieces and is swallowed into belly by the gratitude, leaf the autumn but little bit don't worry as well.Real hand originally on him, what he took out is just only a sample.Regrettable, have never thought Xie Jia's third generation unexpectedly stupid weak in character to this extent.
"Xie Jia, still control just good in the oneself's hand.So, the grandfather's some kind of strenuous efforts just can't humiliate."The autumn of the leaf in mind and secretly thinks a way.
It is Xie Dong Xian to return to pour be regarded as personal thing, can also keep my head this time.
From the pocket in take out a cigar, the action masterly and cool-headedly sparks.Profoundly absorb one mouthful, and after annoying that smoke to vomit, in the mind just feel a little bit relaxed.
Lift an eye to conjecture a leaf autumn, another time cap-a-pie examined him some kind of, have to admit, the young man that owns the half blood relationship in the house is really more doughtily too many than his/her own son.
Oneself was also regarded as an intelligence great talent in those early years, but compared with him and seemed to was still to lack some things.
"Matter to a graveness, I want and rise in the east an assurance for a while."Xie Dong Xian says.

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