the ear side rang out a leaf for autumn again of voice

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Cai Bo talks more poisonous, directly Chen Jia's father and son two to pull and oneself a file time go up.He is again a maid of leaf autumn, so, their nature also compares a leaf to differ a few best file times for autumn.
And, what Cai Bo said is also fact.Even if Chen Ke Qiang's wanting to answer criticism is don't know where to begin telling a stor.His father, Chen Ji, was the servant that thanked master son in those early years, he was again Xie Dong Xian's servant now.Falsely is the maid in lifetime?
Chen Ke Qiang ate one stuffy Kui, sneer at to also no longer talk.The initiative acrossesed into front door, after death of that inside year woman of the floor still and just and sad and shrillly yell.
Ye Qiu knows that with the means of small white, she at least just goes for pain a month, even if oneself said to kill her, afraid is a small white will also completely go to and carry out.
The autumn of the leaf knows from Cai Bo's, mother's gratitude was like the time that returned to Xie Jia in those early years, the indignity that stretched hand these poisonous tongue Fus was stifling, now be is first be subjected to some son interest for the mother.Oneself hereafter if can take over Xie Jia, beat these women who talk too much many tongues to all deliver to settle a dispute.
The autumn of the leaf lifted to see to see this ancient lord house.The in the mind lightly sighs and says"let's go in."
Is several while entering a house, the persons thank eastern wise husband and wife, gratitude and younger brother Xie Xin Jies all sit upright on the sofa of living room and see a leaf come in for autumn, and all the hurl comes to evil look in the eyes.
"You come dry what?"Thank eastern wise hands to hold cup, cold the autumn seeing a leaf ask a way.This is what they meeteach other the first words, don't take feelings of one silk the human life.
"Come back and see."The autumn of the leaf doesn't take their invitation as well and sat from the son at their opposite sofa up, certainly, he also knew, these people wasn't likely to invite him to sit down.
"Come back?Return to where?The autumn of the leaf originally sees on your mama's share, I can't ignore not to ask to you, either.But some is what you did Be getting more intemperate, Xie Jia also natural have no your position."Xie Dong Xian pulls a long face to say.
"See on my mama's share?"The leaf hears this words of autumns cannot help but thinking that the cachinnation makes a noise."Did you when will see on my mama's share?What were you my mama?So several years of captivity watches.Did you when regard as the younger sister to him?Xie Dong Xian, takes back you that disgusted hypocrite mask.No one needs your wretchedness and sympathizes with.I come to don't see your facial expression of, but want to tell you, I want a meeting Xie Jia, I came back."
"Do you say back back?Xie Jia when it's your turn to take charge of to make the decision?Roll out.Bearer give°s him me to kick out."Chen Wan Hua sees a leaf speak for autumn not lousy and points at him to scold a way.
The autumn of the leaf is cold to see these people, say"should roll out what to go to is you?So several years of Zhang, we today should calculate Be getting clearer."
"What Zhang"
"Calculate money Zhang first."The autumn of the leaf says."Xie Jia has me 1/3 of properties, this is the grandfather at the point of death cent to give my mama.Now, I come to the patrimony of taking back my mama.:
Thank lookinging at of eastern wise look in the eyes keenness the leaf is for autumn.Say"BE who tell that your Xie Jia has you 1/3 property?Who can prove?Do I why haven't heard?"
"I know that you will ask so"
The autumn of the leaf is from the pocket in take out the last will and testament that rises in the east to get there from two Jius, cold say with a smile"written in black and white, you still want to deny?"
Xie Dong Xian sees that last will and testament, feel thinking one blank, have a splitting heacache.
Oneself with patience searches but not get of the fourth last will and testament, why was so easily a his hand inside?
Still keep saying, that last will and testament early drive gratitude if take?But certainly once sent a person as well she where once sought, root be a had no acquisition.
, Really want to divide Xie Jia's 1/3 of patrimonies to this loafer?
A son of Xie Dong Xian hasn't resumed to come over from this stroke, the ear side rang out a leaf for autumn again of voice.
"To, also forget to tell you.Two Jius he that last will and testament also turned to me, this was his alienation book.Do you want and see?Is also say, now, my a person owns Xie Jia 2/3 patrimony.?
A bolt from the blue!Absolutely is a bolt from the blue!
Xie Dong Xian thoroughly of Meng.It is dense as a block.

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