Step 5: Spend More Time With You

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Did you know that being alone can be invigorating and enjoyable for even X periods of time? Yes air max schuhe schweiz , you can OM When Alone. So what does this mean? In addition to the chanting of OM, you can be alone, still participate, and enjoy the daily activities that others do together; except it’s even more rewarding!

In recent years I’ve seen studies in which 1 person only has about 2 close friends. As strange as that may sound, I’m sure the ratio will eventually change to only 1 close friend per person or none at all. So why does this matter? It’s relevant because people are coming from various family situations, unemployment situations, and many times they may not be looking to build new face to face relationships at that moment in their life. Or if they’ve had extensive unemployment air max schweiz , they may have never had close work relationships and find themselves in a position where they’re starting over. Whatever the situation, you don’t have to feel bad or be afraid of a stigma of “being alone”, “loneliness”, “social problem”, or “social anxiety” as in preventing you from enjoying life. I’m going to share with you 7 steps in how to actively enjoy life while you are alone for X periods of time while simultaneously increasing your abundance.

Step 1: Smile It’s Your Time

That’s right, smile and feel good about who you are and what you want to do. You may be male, female http://www.airmax90schweizkaufen.com/ , single, single mom, single dad, married, retired, or even a teenager; it doesn’t matter who you are; just that you appreciate yourself. So, it comes down to this. For example air max 90 kaufen , it’s Friday night and you are aching to go to that movie or restaurant. But, for whatever reason, you don’t have friends, buddies, or even maybe your spouse doesn’t want to go see the movie or go out to eat. And suddenly the crushing thought of “I want to do this–but I’ll be alone” or “it’s just me and my kid again” comes to your mind. It’s ok. It’s ok. It doesn’t matter how others perceive you. Don’t let the fear stop you from pursuing these enjoyable activities. I’ve been in many situations where I’ve had to go to the movies or restaurants by myself. Even though it was a little uncomfortable at first, I realized that I had more control of not having to depend on anyone else, whether it was a friend or a boyfriend. That fact alone air max kaufen , made me smile. Even when people stared at me, I just smiled and I felt my own power. When you smile, you are able to pull yourself together and you beam your real power back. In addition to smiling, remember to allow your mind to focus on abundance, such as building that mailing list.

Step 2: Allow OM

Whether you call it God or the Universal Order, even if you feel alone in dailyweekly activities in that no one connects with you, wants to join you air max 90 weiß schweiz , or you are new in your community, be happy that you have another day on this planet. No matter how stressful your life seems, practice acknowledging a higher plane. Imagine that a higher plane is bigger than any insecurities, mistakes, and failures you may have had. Imagine that it is bigger than all of the negative news media. This plane will take you to places you never dreamed. You are now able to breathe, nothing bothers you now… the fake friends, the unemployment air max 90 schwarz schweiz , the nagging spouse who doesn’t have a clue about a higher plane or abundance for that matter. You are starting over, yes over; except you are not over and out, you are Over and UP! That’s right, enter the mindset of new things are coming, new, better ways are being dialed in, better ways now like building that mailing list and accelerating and allowing your best life!

Step 3: Thank The Silence

Have you thanked the silence? Do you know how important this is for your proper mental functioning? That’s right thank the silence. When it seems all wrong that you are alone nike air max 90 schweiz , remember to thank the silence. Sometimes it’s more about a drumbeat talking to you than an actual person who could possibly be a toxic energy. In those silent times, you can focus your energies on “feeling good” and remembering to take care of your independence in all ways, one of which can be spending time in building your own mailing list from scratch.

Step 4: Travel Alone At Least Once

Why not travel alone at least once? Of course you want to be aware of your safety at all times. Several years ago, I took a spontaneous vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC which was about 6 hours round trip from my house. Even though I was driving alone, didn’t know anyone who lived there, it was very practical. Also air max 90 schuhe schweiz , it was a fantastic way of enjoying my time. I was able to let go of a lot of stresses in my life and focus on abundance. In fact, walking alone on the beach everyday and going to an amusement park, I felt like a kid again. Maybe you can too!

Step 5: Spend More Time With Your Pet

If you don’t have a pet, then get one! Yes, your bundle of joy can understand you in ways that you never imagined. For example, my shih-tzu always understands me without my having to waste verbal and emotional energy in trying to explain how I’m feeling. So, you can have fun in those alone times with your pet as well. You see air max 90 schweiz , your furry friend might even be able inspire you to build your new mailing list.

Step 6: Spend More Time With Your Hobby

For example,do you play an instrument? This is a wonderful way of exercising your time wisely. Why? Because now you have to focus on playing that instrument instead of focusing on why you are in an “alone period” of your life. And even if you don’t play an instrument or you’re a little bit rusty, you can always find some jam groups. While you’re busy at trying to en

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