That person is too hateful."The Dan aggrievedly says winter night

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Fan gram the representative director of the graceful treasure also came over and just came in 2 people board room, the good voice ground comforts some kind of.
This is the entertainer's private affairs, they aren't very betwixt either to participate.But tonight 2 people go on stage, it is to cancel to fear.
The broker that Zhang La pulls towardsed Ran to say a few malicious words winter night, but didn't get any effect.Can annoy to shout of take own female entertainer to leave.
The Ran basically didn't put this matter in the mind winter night, unique make her some depressed BE, just made an effort too greatly, seemed palm to still have this ache.
"Winter son, you are all right?"Broker one face misgiving the ground ask a way.She is thousand pick ten thousand to choose just can become Ran the broker winter night.And, company's opening absolutely unlike domestic is the toppest to her salary of popular little.She is to know some Rans winter night ground background, if oneself makes her be subjected to what hurt, afraid is oneself, occupy very much, .
"Nothing.Be just and too excited.
That person is too hateful."The Dan aggrievedly says winter night.
"Yes.Winter son.This kind of matter why the need for Lao you make moves in person.Then the image that will influence you.Have a lot of under the set of treatment.Is more concealment, can also maximize of attain effect."The broker persuades to say.
"It is all right.This matter, is handled by you."The Ran smiles winter night.I not the letter didn't do, the method deal with you.
"Okay.I definitely handle like."The broker says.Wishing made her directly think a way to give° that woman force-out,
Need not take part in a next business activity and want naturally from the backstage from secretly leave.
If make the reporter clap to arrive Fan gram the graceful treasure hold to recommend a meeting the spot, but have no opportunity to go on stage, the sky knows they again confused write what.
Escort in the bodyguard and the broker under, a group of persons walk to the parking lot of peninsula hotel in quick time.
When the bullet-proof in black speeds a business car to drive to come over, car door from in open, from in came out to an old man with snow-white hair.
"How is the uncle you?"Ran winter night asking of surprise way.
"Ha ha.I feel carefree all day long in the home boring.Active apply for to the young master, do bodyguard for Ms. Dan."The old man says with a smile.
Old man's hair snow-white old man, be dressed in whole body gray Chinese costumes, on the face and body ascend all emaciated like firewood.Is exactly also this old man, in the Dan in last time winter night into meet to kidnap of time, he kills bad person's 11 shots by thunderbolt means.
The Ran blinked to blink eyes winter night and craftily said with a smile:"Owner can't be someone to want to kidnap me again.So make you come to do bodyguard for me?"
The old man smiled to smile and said:"The young master said that recently Hong Kong insecurity.Some dangerous persons all came over.The young master after death also increased protection strength at several other Ms. Weis.Because I get along well with Ms. Dan and want to come over to do a footman for the active application.Still needing to invite Ms. Dan don't abandon my person's old body to exceed."
"Uncle, where is you an old year body to exceed?Are you fierce."The Ran says with a smile winter night.
Speed a car to drive to leave underground parking lot, one is equally black style of of Audi car also slowly from the corner of parking lot in opened out.
"The king of the lion.The king of the lion.I am a Ling sheep.We already and the target person get in touch with.Keep to follow status."The man is driving and towarding the ear wheat of Bo neck to say.
"Continue to track.Before arriving to ambush shot, avoided causing undesired agitation."Spread a hoarse serious order voice to man in ear wheat.
"BE.The Guan sheep is understand."

Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person's chapter 657 to kidnap(bottom)
On the car, the Ran received the telephone of elder sister Ran stars winter night.

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