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Car refrigerator market research report Autos Articles | June 25 Cheap Jerseys , 2012
Therefore, Bluetooth, and USB will be the major wireless and wireline options, huge revenue opportunity for silicon suppliers. Share of the embedded Bluetooth solutions in the car stereo body has more...

Therefore, Bluetooth, and USB will be the major wireless and wireline options Wholesale New NFL Jerseys , huge revenue opportunity for silicon suppliers. Share of the embedded Bluetooth solutions in the car stereo body has more than 30 percent in 2011, is expected to close to 60 percent by 2016. USB share in the body in the car audio will be higher, in 2016, 2011, nearly 24% to 68%. The overall sound ontology connecting semiconductor revenue is expected to more than 205 million U.S. dollars in 2016, $ 57 million in 2010.

Next few years Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , high-end audio field is expected to also be strong growth in 2017 in a sound body share rose from 10 percent in 2009 to 18%. When the average selling price from $ 1000 start, a decrease of more than 20 percent, while total shipments of 12 million, while in 2009 only 2 million.

The satellite would take digital radio, the automobile manufacturers in North America seems to strongly support HD Radio, will be as standard or optional configuration. SiriusXM on the ground technical aspects of the second year in a row to achieve profitability. DAB technology in the deployment of the European countries and finally signs of optimism Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online , especially France and Germany. Some governments in formulating important decisions supervision of digital broadband, is expected to promote the development of digital broadcasting in the EU.

The automotive semiconductor revenue from digital radio format in 2016 is expected to reach shoots up to $ 187 million, while $ 49 million in 2011.

However, the status of these areas are not as remote information processing, the next few years, the field of semiconductor revenue growth expected maximum. This is a mature field Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , General Motors OnStar solutions dominate, which provides subscription-based communications services, car security, hands-free calling, turn-by-turn navigation and remote diagnostics.

2011 from OnStar and other automotive telematics solutions for semiconductor revenues of $ 356 million, IHS is expected to reach $ 1.2 billion in 2016. Automobile manufacturers seeking to take advantage of off-board connections to increase revenue Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , they will promote the growth of the market. The possible applications include embedded diagnostics, software updates or upgrades, off-board navigation and destination download, traffic information and mobile search.

In addition, the regulations issued by the Governments will also promote the development of the field of telematics, such as the ERA-of Glonass Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , Russia and the EU of the eCall. These provisions will be in the first quarter of 2014 to take effect between the first quarter of 2015, is expected will lead manufacturers to provide more telematics features and services, while allowing them to define new can be a profitable business model.

 Car fridge freezers to carry in the car, in recent years has become popular on the international market a new generation of refrigerated appliances. At present, the vehicle population in China reached 199 million, including more than 8500 million car Wholesale NFL Jerseys , an annual increase of motor honda dvd player vehicles more than 2000 million, second only to about 250 million U.S., to become the second largest country in the global car ownership. Developed countries in Europe and the United States, because the car has long been the essential goods of each family or each person, car refrigerator is very common commodity. Car refrigerator of six or seven years ago in South Korea have begun to universal coverage, car consumer goods.
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