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Do all children have a family?
Earlier wholesale nike air max 90 mens , most people lived in joint families. Children who had lost their parents stayed with their relatives as part of their family. In tod lifestyle, when there are fewer joint families, it is difficult for orphaned children to become part of a family. That is why there are orphanages to take care of these children, and some lucky ones are adopted and hence they find a new family. In a family the children are protected and given emotional and financial support. Apart from having a family wholesale nike air max 90 womens , it is also important to have friends.
Why are some parents married and others are not?
Many couples prefer to get married, and then have children. Others do not marry, and live happily together with their children. In some cases, the parents get divorce and live separately. The children then live with one of the parents. If the parent finds a new partner wholesale nike air max 90 cheap , who may also have children, they often make a new family together.
What is a joint family?
In a joint family, several generations live together. Children live with their grandparents, parents wholesale nike air max 90 , uncles, aunts, and cousins. Earlier, joint families were quite common http://www.wholesaleairmax90shoes.com/ , but today they are an exception. In a joint family the workload is shared among the members. In most cases, the parents work and take care of the financial needs, the grandparents take care of their grandchildren, and the elder children either go to school or help in the household or in the fields.
Why are friends important?
One can have fun with friends who have the same interests and hobbies. Friends play together and often go to the same school. One can share certain secrets with friends air max 90 white wholesale , which one would not share with parents or siblings. Friends need not be of the same age and children can also have adults as friends. There should be a good understanding and mutual trust among friends.
What does adoption mean?
Being adopted means that an adult assumes the role of a parent for an orphaned child. Even children, whose parents cannot or do not take care of them, often live in an orphanage and can be adopted. Adoption can be done by a couple or a single person. Adoption is a lengthy process, and it often takes long time till the child gets a new home. A lot of checks are done before the parents are given permission to adopt a child; Do the adopting parents have adequate space for the child? Do they have enough money for the child? Can they provide a healthy air max 90 black wholesale , stable family? The only important thing is that the child should grow up with security.
What is baby flap?provided in some European hospitals. The babies left in the baby flaps are considered to be orphaned and can be adopted by new parents.
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